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Enrolments Policy

Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Policy ensures that VU’s enrolment practices are fair and consistent, comply with all relevant Government and external body requirements and legislation, and support the delivery of an excellent student experience.

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Section 2 - Accountability

Accountable/ Responsible Officer Role
Accountable Officer Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students)
Responsible Officer Director, Student Administration

Key Decision-making powers under the Policy (if applicable)

(Delegated) Power Role
Deny, alter or cancel any student's enrolment on specified grounds e.g. in case of non-payment or in the case of non-engagement. Director, Student Administration
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Section 3 - Scope

(2) This Policy applies to enrolment in all onshore and offshore courses provided by VU, with the exception of:

  1. Courses offered as part of industry packaged programs.
  2. The enrolment of students assessed as part of the Skilled Migration Assessment Service for the purposes of issuing them with their competency certification or testamur.
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Section 4 - Definitions

(3) Student

(4) Study Period


(6) Confirmation of Enrolment

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Section 5 - Policy Statement

(7) VU is committed to an enrolment system and process that is:

  1. Clear, straightforward and accessible;
  2. Equitable to all current and future students; and
  3. Adequate to the University’s purpose in:
    1. Planning for the delivery of courses;
    2. Satisfying regulatory and legislative obligations; and
    3. Providing services to students in connection with their studies 

Part A - Eligibility for course enrolment

(8) A person is eligible to enrol as a student in a VU course if they:

  1. Meet the requirements for admission for that course or unit, including English language proficiency requirements as per the Admission Policy and Procedure; and
  2. Have been formally offered a place in that course, or been admitted to a course via the relevant Vocational Education and Training (VET) or Higher Education (HE) process;
  3. Have an appropriate visa with study rights if an international onshore student;
  4. Have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) if a VET student;
  5. Do not have an encumbrance of any kind, g. sanction for failure to pay fees; and
  6. Are not excluded from being a student at VU.

(9) An eligible person must meet all requirements as specified by the Enrolment Procedure.

Part B - Requirements of Enrolment

(10) Enrolment occurs when a student has enrolled in unit/s of a course.

(11) A student enrolled in any VU course is subject to the statutes, regulations, policies and procedures of the University.

(12) A student enrolled in a course must re-enrol in their course in accordance with the requirements of the course, or take an approved Leave of Absence, to maintain their status as an enrolled student.

Entitlements of students enrolled in an award course

(13) A student enrolled in a VU course is entitled to:

  1. The academic and student support services offered by VU;
  2. Be issued with a student email account, which will be used as the primary mode of communication from the University; and
  3. Receive a student identification card.

(14) Subject to the conditions prescribed in the Enrolment Procedure, a student enrolled in a unit or units within a course is entitled to:

  1. Attend or participate in teaching sessions and other scheduled activities;
  2. An assessment of their learning and performance;
  3. Access academic and other social supports available to VU students; and
  4. Receive results.

(15) A person may, by arrangement, be permitted to audit (listen to) a course or part of a course for which they are not enrolled. Such a person will have no entitlement to any of the services, materials or support that pertains to an enrolled student.

(16) A student granted Leave of Absence from their award course remains a student enrolled at the University at the course level although not actively enrolled in units.

(17) A student who is enrolled in an award course at an overseas institution and enrols at VU as part of an approved study abroad or study exchange program will have all the normal entitlements and responsibilities of students enrolled in a VU award course.

(18) A student enrolled in an award course at VU who undertakes an approved study abroad or exchange program remains a student at VU, and will have all normal entitlements and responsibilities of an enrolled student.

Part C - Variation to enrolment in an award course

(19) Students may add and withdraw units until the relevant prescribed dates published by VU without financial or academic penalty provided that these changes comply with:

  1. The course structure and published requirements;
  2. Any enrolment instructions issued to the student by VU, i.e. by the relevant College or VUHQ (student service centres);
  3. Any visa obligations or requirements;
  4. Any other requirements stated in the Enrolment Procedure.

(20) Withdrawal from courses and/or units after the relevant prescribed dates will incur academic and/or financial penalties, as appropriate. Refer to the Fees Policy and associated Procedures for details.

(21) International students who withdraw from a course at VU may be subject to withholding of the non-refundable deposit portion of their fees in some cases. Refer to Fee Adjustments – International Students Procedure

(22) If a student does not comply with an instruction issued by VU related to Enrolment within the timeframe provided, VU is authorised to amend the student's enrolment and notify them of the change. 

Part D - International student award course enrolment (onshore)

(23) An international student studying in Australia is required to comply with:

  1. Their visa conditions as determined by the Department of Home Affairs;
  2. Their rights and responsibilities as determined by the Australian Government under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS) and the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2019;
  3. The relevant policies and procedures of VU; and
  4. The conditions of any scholarship or sponsorship, where relevant.

Part E - International student award course enrolment (offshore)

(24) Students enrolling in offshore courses offered by VU will receive appropriate support to complete their enrolments.

(25) VU will make every effort to ensure that the enrolment process for offshore students is equivalent to, and where possible, the same as, the process for onshore students.

(26) All general enrolment requirements as specified in the Enrolments Procedure apply to offshore students.

Part F - Reviews and Appeals of Decisions

Right of Review

(27) A student whose enrolment has been denied, altered or cancelled may request a review of the decision to deny, alter or cancel their enrolment via Enrolments and Student Financials.

(28) Enrolment determinations will be reviewed by the Director, Student Administration, or when required, the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Students.

(29) A student whose enrolment has been denied, altered or cancelled as a result of:

  1. General and/or academic misconduct;
  2. Unsatisfactory academic progress; or
  3. For health and safety reasons

(30) Should follow the relevant review and appeals processes pertaining to those actions, as per either: 

  1. The Student Misconduct Regulations 2019; or 
  2. The Student Appeals Regulations 2019; or
  3. The Academic Progress Regulations; or
  4. The Exclusion for Safety Reasons Regulations 2019.

(31) Such a student will not have a separate right of review arising under this policy.

Effects of suspension of exclusion from an award course

(32) Notwithstanding a student's right to maintain their enrolment during an internal or external review of a University decision, a person who has been suspended from the University is not permitted to enrol in any course, nor are they entitled to use the services offered by the University to students during the period of the review.

(33) At the conclusion of the specified period of suspension, a student has the right to re-enrol in the same course they were studying when suspended, subject to the availability of the course (or its equivalent at the time of re-enrolment) and to meeting any conditions for re-admission which have been imposed by VU.

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Section 6 - Procedures

(34) Enrolment Procedure

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Section 7 - Guidelines

(35) Nil

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Section 8 - Supporting Documents and Information

(36) Student Misconduct Regulations 2019

(37) Student Appeals Regulations 2019

(38) Academic Progress Regulations

(39) Exclusion for Safety Reasons Regulations 2019

(40) Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS)

(41) National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2019