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Student Charter Policy

Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Policy explains the operation of the Student Charter, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of students while studying at Victoria University (VU).

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Section 2 - HESF/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(2) HESF: 2.1 Facilities and Infrastructure; 2.2 Diversity and Inclusion; 2.3 Wellbeing and Safety; 2.4 Student Grievances and Complaints; 3.2 Staffing; 3.3 Learning Resources and Educational Support.

(3) Standards for RTOs: Standard 1; Standard 6.

(4) ESOS: Standard 6 Overseas Student Support Services; Standard 10 Complaints and Appeals.

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Section 3 - Scope

(5) This Policy applies to:

  1. All students; and
  2. All staff who interact with students.
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Section 4 - Definitions

(6) Nil.

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Section 5 - Policy Statement

(7) The Student Charter is consistent with VU’s values in ensuring that the rights and responsibilities of students and VU are acknowledged and respected. VU aims to use a personalised approach to create an atmosphere of openness and excellence. As the University of Opportunity and Success, we enhance the quality of the student experience and outcomes, with an emphasis on career preparedness and development, employability and entrepreneurship, and leadership capability for a global context.

  1. The Student Charter is consistent with all relevant VU policies, specifically the Privacy Policy, Student Equity and Social Inclusion Policy and the Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy which foster integrity and respect in the interaction and behaviour between students and staff.
  2. All VU staff are required to observe appropriate standards of behaviour towards, and in the company of, children and young people under 18 years of age, including online conduct in accordance with the Safety and Welfare of Children and Young People - Staff Code of Conduct set out in Appendix 1 - Child Safety Reporting Process.
  3. As per the VU Gender Equity Strategy, students will be treated with fairness, dignity and respect and that sexism or violence in any form will not be tolerated. 
  4. As per the University Cultural Diversity Strategy, all members of the University community should respect each other’s cultural, ethnic, religious and racial identities within the Australian and institutional legal and policy frameworks.

(8) The Student Charter works in conjunction with VU’s Student Service Commitment

Part A - The Charter

Our Principles

(9) We are a partnering institution – we cannot do it alone.

(10) We honour Indigenous cultures and our roots in Greater Western Melbourne.

(11) We are the university of inclusion, opportunity and success – enriching both lives and careers.

(12) We are revolutionising tertiary education through the VU Block Model and using the power of our dual sector capabilities.

(13) We are resourceful, creative, adaptive and excellent in all of our learning and teaching and research.

(14) We are digital learning leaders.

(15) We commit ourselves to working for the health and sustainability of our planet.

(16) We are proudly progressive. We care – and we act.

Our Purpose

(17) Victoria University emboldens and supports its students, colleagues, allies, partners, alumni and friends to shape not only their own futures but also the wider world in which they live – through learning, research, career opportunities and community and industry development. We are of the west and of the world.

(18) Protecting Country is about people, place and planet. It embraces the seasons, stories and creation spirits and connects First Nation peoples to place. Country is both a place of belonging and a way of believing, as well as contributing to the conservation of critical environmental and diverse cultural assets. It is a community-driven movement towards long-term social, cultural, physical and economic prosperity and sustainability. We honour this commitment.

Our Vision

(19) We will have an unrelenting student focus and an embrace of the workforce needs of the post pandemic world. We will underpin this with powerful digital enablement. Students will be able to accelerate when they want to, to slow down if they need to, and to balance their lives and study.

(20) We have a deep and unwavering commitment to inclusion, to respectful relationships and diversity. We will be a place where people will love to study and work, and are supported to realise their potential and aspirations.

(21) VU’s vision is to provide a unique student experience that is characterised by a transformative and enriching learning experience that will ensure students succeed on their terms, in preparation for, during and after study.

(22) VU is dedicated to finding creative and evidence-based solutions to important contemporary challenges in Australia, Asia and globally, relating especially to education and lifelong learning, to health and active living, to the cultural diversity and well-being of communities, to economic development and environmental sustainability, and to the success of particular industries and places, including our heartland of the West of Melbourne. This is evidenced through VU’s Strategic Plan 2022-2028 and our the integrative underpinning of Protecting Country and planetary health throughout the research and operations of the University, and by VU’s commitment to holding planetary health at the centre of our identity and moral purpose by building a community that is committed and contributing to place-based planetary health through research, learning and teaching, and through the way we work and engage with our communities and each other.

(23) The staff and students of VU demonstrate respect for the identity and culture of others from First Nations, diverse countries and cultures, educational and socio-economic backgrounds, and for the natural environment.

(24) It is expected that VU will:

  1. Provide a supportive, stimulating and effective learning environment that empowers students to reach their potential.
  2. Provide high quality learning experiences that are in accordance with good quality learning and teaching practice.
  3. Provide the physical learning environment, facilities and student focused services to support students to succeed in their studies including library resources, computer network facilities and internet for study purposes.
  4. Provide accurate, timely, accessible and useful information to students in relation to their course of study, enrolment, policies, services and processes.
  5. Provide an environment free from discrimination and harassment in accordance with both Commonwealth and State Legislation and associated University policy and provide timely and constructive feedback on assessment recognising it as a valuable part of the learning process.
  6. Provide fair, transparent and efficient complaints, grievances and appeals procedure [see Student Complaints Policy and Student Appeals Procedure].
  7. Provide a clear statement of acceptable academic behaviour by students [see Academic Integrity Policy].
  8. Treat personal information confidentially and ensure it is only released with the student's consent or when legally required [see Privacy Policy].
  9. Expect that all staff as members of the VU community commit to the ethical values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.
  10. Support the contribution of students and their representatives to the life of VU.
  11. Respect individual student needs and abilities including recognition of previous and current learning experience [see Credit - Academic Credit Procedure (HE) and Credit Policy].
  12. Deliver all services to students, as per VU’s Student Service Commitment

(25) It is expected that students will:

  1. Engage actively with the educational, social and cultural life of VU.
  2. Be fully committed to your own learning including taking responsibility for monitoring your own progress and use feedback from staff to improve learning.
  3. Respect the diversity of all students and staff and support an environment free from discrimination and harassment in accordance with Commonwealth and State Legislation and associated University policy.
  4. Acknowledge that membership of the VU community requires commitment to the ethical values of honesty, trust, fairness, transparency and responsibility including treating other students with respect.
  5. Respect all VU staff, property and facilities.
  6. Provide fair, honest and constructive feedback about your academic programs and participate in the continuous quality assurance processes of the University.
  7. Acquaint yourself with VU policies and procedures relevant to your enrolment and course of study and adhere to the rules and regulations of VU as they apply to students.
  8. Take responsibility for meeting reasonable attendance requirements.
  9. Take responsibility for keeping your own record of submitted work.
  10. Take responsibility for ensuring that your personal details including telephone number and current residential address are kept up to date with VU.
  11. Take responsibility for activating and monitoring your VU student email account throughout the duration of your study enrolment and until your graduation to ensure timely and accurate communication, as this is the primary way that VU communicates with students.
  12. Demonstrate appropriate and professional behaviour while undertaking industry placements, projects or fieldwork related to course of study and respect the privacy of any client information made available.
  13. Support VU’s commitment to an environment that promotes the safety and welfare of children and young persons under 18 years and protects such persons from abuse or harm in accordance with relevant legislation and VU policy – Safety and Welfare of Children and Young People Policy and Safety and Welfare of Children and Young People Procedure.

Monitoring and Review

(26) The Director, Student Services shall review the Student Charter Policy biennially.

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Section 6 - Procedures

(27) Nil.