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Health and Safety - Workplace First Aid Procedure

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) Ensure Victoria University (VU) provides adequate first aid services for the welfare of its employees, students and visitors on all campuses and in relation to all activities under the control and management of the University.

(2) Provide practical instruction for the assessment of provision of First Aid in University workplaces and in relation to University activities.

(3) Describe the required qualifications and the training required to maintain the qualifications of workplace First Aiders at the University.

(4) Provide information on purchasing and maintaining first aid kits at the University.

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Section 2 - Accountability

Accountable/Responsible Officer


Accountable Officer Chief Human Resources Officer
Responsible Officer Senior Manager, Health Safety & Wellbeing
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Section 3 - Scope

(5) This procedure applies across the University and to all University employees and students.

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Section 4 - Definitions

(6) Remote Area: as being 1 hour from definitive care (arrival at a hospital).

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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(7) Health and Safety Policy

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Section 6 - Procedures

Part A - Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibility
Everyone working at VU - Take care to avoid injury or illness.

- Contact VU Workplace First Aiders for urgent and immediate treatment of illness or injury sustained while at work or during work related activities.

- Respect the opinion and actions of VU Workplace First Aiders and follow directions to assist First Aiders in their role.
Executives and Leaders - Monitor and review the processes in place across VU to ensure OHS management and provision of resources for first aid.
Managers and Supervisors
- Ensure there is a complete VU First Aid Arrangement Assessment every 3 years or more frequently if circumstances change, identify the level of risk and type of predictable injuries and illnesses in the workplace or activities which are conducted in your workplace.

- Enable attendance of First Aiders at scheduled training.

- Provide resources for purchase and refill of first aid kits as indicated in the the first aid arrangement assessment, as well cost of immunisation for First Aiders against Hepatitis B, as requested.

- Recruit First Aiders to meet the number indicated in the documented assessment.

- Introduce staff to First Aiders at induction and display workplace posters.

- Notify the OHS Team when the First Aider role is vacated or refilled to keep the central register up to date.
- Arrange for poster of first aider contact details to be displayed where it can be seen by staff.
OHS Team - Update and publish on the intranet a register of First Aiders by campus, building and floor which includes a telephone contact number.

- Coordinate training opportunities for re-certification and annual updates.
Teachers, Academic Staff, Students and Researchers - Ensure all class and activity risk assessments include first aid requirements and that current arrangements meet the needs indicated on the risk assessment.

- Include First Aid kits and trained personnel, as indicated on the risk assessment, for all events and off campus activity planning.
Nominated Workplace First Aiders
- Ensure qualifications are current and training updates are attended.

- Wear appropriate safety equipment when treating affected individuals e.g. gloves and CPR mask if required
- Arrange to be immunised against Hepatitis B which is recommended for protection against infection, retain receipts to claim expense from the University.

- At least twice per year, or as required, check the contents of the first aid kit allocated to them using the VU First Aid Kit Contents checklist.

- Pass the list of required items to the manager to arrange the purchase of items.

- Record any First Aid provided in a book kept with the First Aid Kit or directly into the Incident Management System.

- Encourage injured parties to report in VU Incident Management System.

- Treat emergency injuries and illnesses to the best of their ability and call on emergency services via 000 when they believe it is in the best interest of the casualty.

- Wear green cap with white cross and carry a portable first aid kit during emergency evacuation and evacuation exercises.

Part B - General


(8) All workplace First Aiders must have their photograph, work location (building, floor and room) as well as their telephone extension number advertised on a poster within their local work area. They should be introduced to all new personnel starting as well as any personnel transferring from other locations to the immediate work area within the University.

(9) All First Aiders will be listed by campus, building and floor level on a directory held on the OHS Team website on the intranet. Should a workplace First Aiders' work location be changed (for a period of 4 weeks or more) all posters should be updated, local occupants notified of change, OHS team notified to amend registers and other First Aiders in the building informed of the change.

First Aid Arrangement Assessments

(10) First Aid Arrangement Assessments must be completed for VU workplaces and for all work, teaching/learning and research activities which are conducted by VU employees. This will be in compliance to the Victoria Worksafe Compliance Code on the Option 2 risk assessment approach.

(11) Workplace First Aid Risk Assessments will take into account the number of people that may occupy the workplace; the type of work, teaching or research being conducted; all known hazards to health which exist within the immediate work area, the building in which the work is being conducted and the University campus.

(12) Activity Based Risk Assessments must include a First Aid component and will refer to hazards which are involved in the work, teaching/ learning or research as well as the site where the activity is being conducted when it is off campus. This should include any off campus activity, sporting event, placement, work integrated learning, research project, travel for work, tour group and any other activity where there may be a potential for injury or illness to staff, students and participants. The first aid arrangements must be communicated to all staff, students and participants as far as practicable.


(13) Low to medium risk workplace First Aiders: First Aid training required to fulfil the role of First Aider at the University is a minimum of Level II or its competency based equivalent HLTID003 Provide First Aid. Re-certification is required every 3 years and an annual refresher of the CPR component (HLT–AID001 Provide CPR) is also required to be completed by each designated VU Workplace First Aider.

(14) High risk workplace First Aiders : For higher-risk workplaces as indicated on the First Aid Risk Assessment Form, there may be a need for first aid officers who have completed Provide First Aid training to have extra instruction on the risks relevant to the workplace i.e use of burns module, chemical exposure, eye module. Re-certification is required every 3 years and an annual refresher which includes CPR component is also required to be completed by each designated VU High Risk Workplace First Aider. For remote area activity staff require a minimum of Remote Area First Aid in the AAAS and VU requires Wilderness First Aid (7 day Course) in some courses.

(15) Equipment use: All First Aiders working in or near workplaces with emergency deluge showers and eye/face wash stations should ensure they are instructed in the use and have participated in one practical test of the equipment.

(16) Mental Health First Aid: VU offers mental health first aid courses for any staff who would like to know how to help a person developing a mental health problem.

Emergency Evacuations

(17) During emergency evacuations and evacuation exercises all First Aiders, who are not Wardens or Chief Wardens, should wear a green cap with a white cross and carry a portable first aid kit. This allows the wardens to identify and allocate duties to the First Aider if required during the event. Any First Aider who is also an Emergency Warden should give priority to warden duties and act as a warden only, leaving attention to any person who is injured or ill to another First Aider in the building. First aiders need to communicate with the Chief Warden by attending the Emergency warning intercommunication system (EWIS) or Fire Indicator Panel (FIP). Refer to local Emergency Response procedures.

(18) If a person is injured during an emergency evacuation and cannot be moved then the first aider shall notify the Chief Warden either via the Warden Intercom Phone (if present) or by communicating with the Emergency Warden.

First Aid Kits

(19) First Aid kits will be provided to nominated Workplace First Aiders, these may be kits that already reside within the work area. First Aiders are required to note any supplies which they use and arrange for replacement of those items, as well as any which may be past their use by date. First Aid kit locations should be included in a register accessible via the intranet site. All kits should be accessible to any person attending the workplace.

(20) For remote area activity first aid kits need to be Wilderness First Aid compliant.

(21) Replacement first aid kit contents will be identified by First Aiders, requested through their direct managers and ordered through current stationary ordering processes. Content orders will be paid for by the local College or Department budget, therefore require authorisation by a manager with financial delegation.

Recording of First Aid

(22) All First Aid activity and use of VU provided first aid products should be recorded by the designated First Aider in the 'First Aid Treatment' book provided with the First Aid kit or directly into the Incident Management System. Injuries should be reported in the VU Incident Management system via the online portal either by the injured staff member or on behalf of an injured student or visitor.


(23) It is recommended that all VU First Aiders are immunised against Hepatitis B.

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Section 7 - Guidelines

(24) WorkSafe Victoria Compliance Code: First Aid in the Workplace (Vic)

(25) Guidance Material on the OHS Topic Intranet Site

(26) HSW-F-040 First Aid Risk Assessment Form

(27) HSW-F-039 First Aid Kit Contents Checklist

(28) VU First Aid Kit - Contents Checklist

(29) HSW-F-054 AED Checklist

(30) HSW-F-063 Request for First Aid Training

(31) First Aider Poster