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Policy Development Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Purpose / Objectives

(1) The objectives of this Policy are to:

  1. Define the principles of policy and procedure development, review and maintenance and ensure that policy and procedure within Victoria University are consistent, relevant, easily understood and are developed to a common standard.
  2. Provide procedure to direct the development, review and maintenance of policy and procedure.
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Section 2 - Scope / Application

(2) This Policy applies to:

  1. All policy and procedure across the University.
  2. All Staff that work with and develop policy and procedure.
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Section 3 - Definitions

(3) Not applicable.

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Section 4 - Policy Statement

Policy Framework Hierarchy

(4) Victoria University governs its operations through legislation, policy, procedure and guideline. The diagram attached depicts the hierarchy of documents that govern operations at Victoria University. Documents in lower levels of the hierarchy must be consistent with higher level documents.


(5) The University is a body corporate and politic established under the Victorian Victoria University Act 2010 (the VU Act). The VU Act details the overarching functions and powers of the University. One function and power is the ability of the Council to make statutes for the good governance of the University or the management of its affairs.

(6) The University is also subject to other Acts of Parliament which might require the University to have policy and/or procedures in place.


(7) The University has only one statute: the Governance, Academic and Student Affairs Statute 2013. The statute provides further detail of the functions and powers of the University.


(8) Under the VU Act, the Council or the Vice-Chancellor may make regulations. Regulations provide the procedural detail to give effect to the functions and powers of the University. The University has a number of regulations.

(9) University statute and regulations are communicated and made available to the University community and must be complied with.


(10) Policies are required to facilitate the effective, efficient and equitable administration of the University. Policies are principles based and more general in nature than legislation and state the general approach that the University will take when making administrative decisions that affect staff or student rights and obligations. Policies may be required by legislation.

(11) Each policy is owned by a Policy Owner, who is responsible for the development, review and maintenance of their respective policy.


(12) Procedures define the detailed operational action (e.g. processes, templates, forms, etc.) required to support policies within the University. Each procedure must be linked to one or more relevant Act, statute, regulation or policy.

(13) Each procedure is owned by a Policy Advisor, who is responsible for the development, review and maintenance.


(14) Guidelines are internal staff documents that describe how the University conducts its operations at a local level. Guidelines, by their nature, are not routinely communicated and available to the University community.

Key Principles

(15) All policies must:

  1. be principles based;
  2. be developed, reviewed and maintained following the Policy Development Procedure;
  3. be communicated and made available to the University community and must be complied with;
  4. be consistent with and not duplicate other Act, University statute, regulation or policy;
  5. comply with legal requirements;
  6. be succinct, easily understood and not overly detailed;
  7. if required, only use the key definitions found in the VU Policy Library’s Glossary;
  8. not contain descriptions of operational activities, processes, templates or forms. This information must be documented in a referenced procedure;
  9. contain clear language and use terms that have clear natural meaning;
  10. be classified under one of the following categories: governance, academic or operational;
  11. if categorised as a governance policy, be approved by the Council after considering any advice from the Academic Board or other Council Committee and the Vice-Chancellor;
  12. if categorised as an academic policy, be approved by the Vice-Chancellor after considering any advice from the Academic Board;
  13. if categorised as an operational policy, be approved by the Vice-Chancellor;
  14. once approved, be communicated to the University community by email announcement and the central policy register;
  15. take effect from the date the policy is communicated;
  16. be reviewed every 3 years from the date of approval, if not earlier; and
  17. prior to a policy being removed or revoked its removal or revocation must be approved by the body or person who originally approved it.
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Section 5 - Procedures

(16) The following procedures are used to support this Policy:

  1. Policy Development Procedure
  2. Compliance - Policy Development Procedure
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Section 6 - Guidelines

(17) Nil