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Hire of Facilities Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose / Objectives

(1) The purpose of this document is to outline the University's policy in relation to the hire of University facilities to internal and external clients.

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Section 2 - Scope / Application

(2) The policy applies to the hire of University spaces for purposes such as:

  1. Bookings by University Colleges and Departments for activities such as symposia, conferences and public lectures.
  2. Bookings by external organisations or individuals for events such as symposia, conferences, public lectures or others.

(3) The policy does not cover the use of University spaces for regular activities such as timetabled classes or normal business meetings. This policy is intended to cover all University space, including the use of University grounds. This policy does not apply to the Convention Centre or the Conference Centre. The hire of these facilities is managed by the Office of Procurement and Business Operations.

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Section 3 - Definitions

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Section 4 - Policy Statement

Principles of Hire

(5) The hire of University facilities to external organisations will generally incur a hire fee.

(6) The hire of University facilities to internal users will generally not incur a hire fee.

(7) The use of University facilities will be prioritised for University core activities such as teaching, research, enrolments, graduations, Open Days, exams and orientation.

(8) Student clubs, associations and societies which are approved by Student Life Department will not be charged a hire fee to hire University facilities.

(9) University facilities will not be made available for:

  1. Unlawful activities or activities that may be a breach of University policies.
  2. Activities that are in conflict with or deemed incompatible with the University's values or strategic direction.

(10) Hire fees for internal and external bookings will be determined as part of the annual VU review of fees and charges.

Internal Hire

(11) Only current VU staff can make an internal booking.

(12) Current VU staff from Student Life Department can make bookings on behalf of approved student clubs, associations and societies.

(13) As teaching and learning are the priority activities, hire bookings for internal clients will only be confirmed after the University timetable has been finalised. For bookings to be confirmed prior to the timetable being finalised or to have bookings overwrite timetables, approval from the Director Facilities will be required.

(14) The University reserves the right to charge facilities hire fees and to recover any associated direct costs.

(15) The following factors will be taken into account when determining the hire charge for an internal booking:

  1. Activities for which admission or participation fees are charged will be liable for Non-Commercial Charges and any associated direct costs.
  2. Where the application is made on behalf of a commercial operator or non-university business, Commercial Charges

(16) Regardless of whether or not a hire fee is charged, any direct costs associated with the room hire will be charged to the user. These costs may include items such as security, cleaning, room set up, after hours air-conditioning etc.

External Hire

(17) Where spaces are not being used for teaching, learning and research, and particularly during non-teaching periods, the University may make its facilities available for hire to external clients.

(18) Uses of University facilities which shall not be allowed include, but are not limited to, events that:

  1. are not compatible with the University values or strategic direction;
  2. have a purpose or association likely to cause a risk to the safety of members of the University community or University property;
  3. are likely to interrupt the core activities of the University or otherwise create unwarranted disturbance to the amenity of the campus.

(19) As teaching and learning are the priority activities, bookings for external clients will only be confirmed after the University timetable has been finalised.

(20) All approvals for hire of facilities are subject to the acceptance by the user of the quote and acceptance of the Conditions of Hire and Hire Agreement form.

(21) The University reserves the right to decline any booking request at any time without providing a reason.

(22) The commercial rates will apply for all other bookings other than:

  1. Non-Commercial rates will apply to an external business entity that is registered as a charity or not for profit.
  2. Room hire fees are waived for schools making bookings for the purpose of promoting Victoria University to their students.

(23) In addition to any room hire charges, all direct costs associated with an external room hire will be recovered from the client.

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Section 5 - Procedures

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Section 6 - Guidelines

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