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IT Hardware and Software - Procurement of Hardware and Software Procedure

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) The purpose of this Procedure is to ensure all IT equipment and software at Victoria University (VU) is procured in the most cost effective way and meets minimum University operating standards.

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Section 2 - Scope

(2) This Procedure applies to:

  1. VU Staff and Students;
  2. Procurement of desktop and laptop computers, computer software, mobile phones, desktop phones and hand held devices; and,
  3. Acquisition, installation and management of computer software for VU desktops, laptops and laboratory PCs.
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Section 3 - Definitions

(3) Nil.

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Section 4 - Policy/Regulation

(4) IT Hardware and Software Policy

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Section 5 - Procedures

Part A - Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
Information Technology Services (ITS) ITS is responsible for testing and updating the University's Managed Operating Environment (MOE) to ensure compatibility of systems.

ITS conducts periodic reviews of brands of desktops, laptops and hand held devices to provide a list of supported standard equipment that has been tested and recommended by ITS.

ITS is responsible for the efficient operation and provision of the standard network system.

ITS provides support services for software and hardware as stated in the IT Hardware and Software Policy.
VU staff and students
All users of University procured and supplied Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware and electronic devices must conform to the IT Appropriate Use Policy and IT Hardware and Software Policy.
Complies with all licensing terms and conditions regulating the use of any software that the University acquires.
Business Units Inform ITS of any changes to client software for licensing and audit purposes.

Part B - Procurement ICT Hardware

(5) ITS provides a list of approved PC’s, laptops/tablets, monitors, desktop phones, headsets, mobile phones and iPads that are fully supported by ITS.

(6) VU ITS approved products are available for purchase or lease through Procurement and Business Operations.

(7) All requests for new ICT hardware must be authorised by an approved cost-centre delegate.

(8) All new requests for ICT hardware will be approved or rejected by the Executive Director, IT Services prior to purchasing new hardware.

(9) Where suitable, a hardware item available for redeployment will be provided instead of ordering a new product.

(10) Mobile Phones may be transferred from one member of staff to another within the same Department if approved by the head of Department. Permanent reallocation of mobile phones is to be communicated to Asset Management.

(11) ITS will prepare all new ICT equipment and provide installation services as well as assist the staff member with data backup and software requirements.

(12) Old PCs or laptops will be removed by ITS at the end of the installation process.

Part C - Procurement of Computer Software

(13) A standard set of software will be installed on every PC and Laptop purchased through VU.

(14) Administrative software will be installed for staff who require it for their duties.

(15) A list of software available for purchase and/or installation is available through ITS. Requests for the installation of software on a PC or Laptop can be submitted using the Software Installation form available on the IT Service Desk system.

(16) Where a cost is associated with the acquisition of computer software, the request must be authorised by an approved cost-centre delegate.

(17) Installation of computer software will be actioned by Client Services once the software license/product has been received.

(18) Contact ITS Service Desk for assistance in the acquisition of computer software or products that are not available on the ITS Software list.

(19) All changes to client software must be reported to ITS for licensing and audit purposes.

(20) If software is already installed on a VU PC or Laptop and the staff member has left the University or department, then the license must be transferred to another user.

(21) It is the responsibility of departments to inform ITS of any changes to client software by contacting ITS Service Desk.

(22) A list of standard software installed on VU Laboratory PCs is available from ITS Desktop Management.

(23) Where software not on this list is required to be installed in computer laboratories, the PC Lab Changes form on the IT Service Desk system is to be completed and submitted.

(24) ITS does not install trial versions as part of the installation of computer software.

(25) The software installation is subject to any free ware, that will need to be tested.

(26) New software will need to be tested with the Managed Operating Environment to ensure that it is compatible with the software and will take up to 4 weeks to be installed.

(27) Requests that require software installation prior to the 4 weeks lead time will incur additional charges.

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Section 6 - Guidelines

(28) Nil.