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IT Appropriate Use - Use of Personal Devices Procedure

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) The Use of Personal Devices Procedure defines the obligations of authorised users connecting to the University environment through a personally owned device.

(2) This Procedure supports staff and students using their personal devices to utilise University campus spaces and digital technologies designed to allow for collaboration, flexible and engaging learning activities. 

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Section 2 - TEQSA/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(3) HESF: 7.3 Information Management

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Section 3 - Scope

(4) This Procedure applies to all students, staff, contractors, visitors and other authorised users of Victoria University (VU) Information Technology (IT) systems and services.

(5) This Procedure applies to all non-VU owned devices including computers, laptops and mobile devices used to access the University environment. 

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Section 4 - Definitions

(6) Authorised User: VU staff, students, contractors, visitors and third-party providers using IT computing facilities, systems, networks and accounts.

(7) Device Owner: The owner of a personal device.

(8) Personal data and information: Non-VU data and information that belongs to the device owner including but not limited to personal files and documents.

(9) Personal device: A device not owned by VU used to connect to or gain access to the University environment. This includes but is not limited to personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

(10) University Environment: Information assets owned and/or operated by VU and/or outsourced or hosted by external/third-party service providers including but not limited to VU network, IT facilities, accounts, systems and applications.

(11) VU data and information: Data and Information that is intended to be used within Victoria University including but not limited to VU files, documents, records, reports and staff email.

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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(12) IT Appropriate Use Policy

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Section 6 - Procedures

Part A -  Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
Device Owner The device owner is responsible for ensuring their device meets the minimum requirements. 
The device owner is responsible for all costs associated with the maintenance, repair or replacement of a personal device.
The device owner is responsible for all costs, charges and fees associated with personal software, subscriptions or internet services/connection.
The device owner is responsible for backup of personal data.
Information Technology Services (ITS) ITS will provide support for the set-up and connection to VU wireless network and VU software and applications on a personal device.
ITS will provide limited troubleshooting support for personal devices.
ITS may conduct security audits on devices in line with the IT Audit Authorities Procedure.

(13) The use of a personal device to access VU network, systems and services must comply with this Procedure, the IT Asset Policy, IT Appropriate Use Policy, Information Security Policy and other relevant policies and procedures, including the Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy and Student Charter Policy

(14) Eligible students may be able to apply for financial assistance to meet the cost of studying including the purchase of a device for study purposes. Relevant criteria and processes for student loans and grants can be found in the Student Loan and Grant Fund Policy.

(15) Devices must be configured to the University’s eduroam wireless network when accessing VU network and systems on campus. 

Protection of data

(16) VU data and information must be adequately protected based on its classification and sensitivity and used and/or accessed on University approved applications or data storage solutions.

(17) Device owners are responsible for performing regular backups of their personal data. The University is not liable for loss of data on a personal device and can provide limited support in the recovery of data on non-University owned devices. 

(18) Personal devices used to access the University network, systems and services should enable appropriate controls including password or pin authentication and automatic device lock.

IT Support

(19) IT support will be provided to assist device owners to set-up and connect devices to the University’s wireless network and VU applications.

(20) Personal devices used to connect to the University environment should have the latest operating systems, anti-virus, internet browsers and updates installed to meet University specification and/or compatibility.

(21) VU cannot guarantee that a personal device will be able to access or operate all VU applications.

(22) VU will not be held liable for any damage, loss or costs related to any personal device including costs of maintenance, repairs, replacement, personal internet services, software or subscriptions.

(23) Limited troubleshooting support and advice will be provided for device issues related to wireless connectivity, authentication services, VU software and applications and voice/video connection and configuration. 

(24) VU cannot provide support or advice for device issues related to hardware problems or repairs, virus/malware removal, non-VU software and applications, operating system configurations, personal data restoration, personal internet service providers, warranty enquiries or services outside of IT support scope or ability.  

(25) VU may remove University data from a personal device either locally or remotely in order to protect University data and information assets. 

Laptop loans

(26) Students, staff, contractors and visitors who are loaned a VU-owned device agree to comply with the obligations and terms and conditions of the device lending agreement. 

(27) VU retains the ownership of all devices loaned through this service and may recover any costs associated with the replacement or repair of damaged or lost devices and/or accessories.

(28) Loan devices must be free of any data, documents or files on return. Requests to recover data stored on a loan device cannot be supported. 

Device audits

(29) VU has the right to monitor the use of a personal device while it is connected to the University network to ensure compliance with University policies. 


(30) VU has the right to remove or restrict a device from connecting to the University networks, systems or services for breach of policy, operational or security purposes. 

(31) Breach of this procedure could result in possible disciplinary action in accordance with the relevant enterprise agreement (for employees) or Student Misconduct Regulations 2019 (for students).