( Top )Who do I contact if I have queries regarding a Policy or Procedures content?

Each Policy and Procedure has an Enquiries Contact listed in the ‘Status and Details’ tab which appears above the document.

( Top )How can I get a WORD version of a current Policy or Procedure?

The following steps will help you to create a WORD version of a Policy or Procedure, so you can edit, review, or make notes.

  1. Open the relevant Policy/Procedure in the Policy Library.
  2. Select “Print” – a tab which is situated far right on the black bar.
  3. Select “Print to Portable Document Format” – located in a green bordered box at the bottom of the screen.  This will create a pdf copy of the policy/procedure.

At this stage, depending on your software version, you may need to save the pdf to your computer before Step 4.

  1. In the pdf copy select “File”, then “Save As”, then select “Save as type” “Word Document (*docx)” – you will then have your word copy ready to save to your drive.
( Top )What does the 'review date' mean?

Policies at VU are scheduled for review every three years, if not earlier. The 'review date' listed in the 'Status and Details' tab is the date from which a review is scheduled to commence.

( Top )Can I use google to search for VU Policy?

The VU Policy Library is the ‘source of truth' for all current VU Policy and Procedure.

Using Google to search for VU Policy and Procedures may result in historical and outdated documents being returned.  It is the responsibility of individuals to always refer to the Victoria University Policy Library for the current version.

( Top )How do I print a Policy or Procedure?
  1. Click on a document
  2. Click on ‘Print’ tab (see the black tabs across the top of Policy or Procedure)
  3. Click on ‘Print to Portable Document format’
  4. Print or Save the PDF document
( Top )How do I save a Policy or Procedure document?
  1. Click on a document
  2. Click on ‘Print’ tab (see the black tabs across the top of Policy or Procedure)
  3. Click on ‘Print to Portable Document format’
  4. Save or Print the PDF document
( Top )How do I find an old/historic version of a Policy or Procedure?
  1. Select the document.
  2. Click on the ‘Historic Versions’ tab (see the black tabs across the top of Policy or Procedure)
  3. List of previous versions with dates will appear
  4. Select hyperlinks to open the historic versions
( Top )How can I provide feedback on a Policy?

Feedback can be provided online at any time using the ‘Feedback’ tab in the relevant Policy or Procedure.

Feedback submitted via this tab will be sent to the Responsible Officer.

Student Support
( Top )What behavioural policies apply to my life as a student at VU?

As a student of VU, you are protected by, and expected to behave in accordance with, several key policies that relate to the behaviour of others and yourself. 

Please refer to the Behaviour section on the Student Policies and Procedures page.

( Top )What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

You refer to the Student Complaints Policy here.

Policy Development and Consultation at VU
( Top )How is Policy and related documentation structured at VU?

At VU we operate a document hierarchy which looks like this:

VU Act
Governance, Academic and Student Affairs Statute

Higher-level documents override lower-level ones. In the unlikely event of any inconsistency, the position expressed in the higher-level document will apply.

( Top )How are Policies and Procedures developed and approved at VU?

Policy and Procedure development at VU is governed by the Compliance Policy and Compliance - Policy Development Procedure, which provides direction on:

  • How policies and procedures are developed;
  • Who is responsible for endorsing and approving policies and procedures of differing types; and
  • How policies and procedures are amended, edited or disestablished.
( Top )How are Policies categorised at VU?

VU policies are categorised into three types:

  1.  Academic Policies, which covers policies about learning and teaching, some aspects of student administration, research, and academic employment.
  2. Governance Policies, which covers policies about the good governance of the University, including matters such as Delegations of Authority, Risk, Compliance, the operation of Council and Academic Board, Fraud prevention, Quality, Strategy and Planning, Protected Disclosures, and the handling of Gifts.
  3. Operational Policies, which covers policies about the general management of the University, its assets, and its community. (This includes Finance, Procurement, IT, Facilities, OHS, HR / Staff Management, and some aspects of student administration).
( Top )Where can I find Policies and Procedures which are available for consultation?

Policies and Procedures which are available for consultation can be found on the Bulletin Board. The Bulletin Board allows you to review documents and provide feedback online which will be forwarded to the document author for consideration in the consultation process.

( Top )What is the difference between an Accountable Officer and Responsible Officer?
  • Accountable Officer – Member of the Vice-Chancellor's Group accountable for content, compliance and organisational adherence to Policy and Procedure.
  • Responsible Officer – A senior leader that reports directly to a member of the Vice-Chancellor's Group and is responsible for the operational delivery of the function.
( Top )How do you determine what definitions appear in the Glossary?

All definitions of a general nature will be inserted in the Glossary. The word will appear under the ‘Definitions’ section of the policy or procedure and its meaning will appear in the Glossary. The definition will be easily accessible via a ‘float-over’ function with the computer mouse, as well as accessible via the Glossary.

( Top )I need to draft a Policy or Procedure, where do I find the VU Policy and Procedure Templates?

VU Policy and Procedure templates can be found at – http://intranet.vu.edu.au/Policy/templates.asp.