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Awards Regulations - Academic Dress Procedure

Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Procedure outlines the provision of academic dress to graduands, graduates and staff.

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Section 2 - Accountability

Accountable/Responsible Officer


Accountable Officer Associate Provost, Students
Responsible Officer Director, Student Administration
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Section 3 - Scope

(2) This Procedure applies to:

  1. Graduands and graduates;
  2. Members of VU Council and;
  3. Senior Managers and;
  4. Honorary Degree and Companion of the University Recipients.
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Section 4 - Definitions

(3) Nil

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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(4) See Awards Regulations 2018.

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Section 6 - Procedures

Part A - Summary of Roles and Responsibilities




Part B - Provision of Academic Dress to Graduands and Graduates

(5) Graduands and Graduates in Melbourne will be provided with hired academic dress on the day of the ceremony. Graduands and Graduates who are Offshore will be provided with academic dress through the University agent.

(6) The cost of hiring the academic dress is included in the Graduation Attendance Fee. Graduates are responsible for any loss or damage. The academic dress is to be returned on the day, by the stipulated time. Attendance at the ceremony signifies agreement with these requirements.

Part C - Provision of Academic Dress to Staff

(7) Staff must nominate in advance to join the University procession at a Melbourne graduation ceremony, or other official function of the University where academic dress is to be worn, by a University invitation.

(8) Staff will wear their own academic dress or be provided with University academic dress according to their highest qualification. There will be no charge to the individual staff member.

(9) Staff who are participating in an external formal ceremony and who require Victoria University academic dress may hire dress via the University’s preferred provider who can be contacted through the Assessments and Completions team. There is no charge for this hire; staff will indemnify the University against damage or loss of the regalia.

Part D - Offshore Ceremonies (Staff)

(10) Staff who wish to attend a ceremony must contact VU International who are responsible for the University delegation.

(11) Staff who accept an invitation to join the University procession at an offshore ceremony will either provide their own academic dress or be provided with University academic dress, to be carried in their personal luggage, before leaving Australia. Members of the delegation who require academic dress will be advised when this is available for collection.

  1. Exceptions may include the Chancellor (or other Presiding Officer/s) and Vice-Chancellor, whose academic dress is organised by Event Services.

(12) Staff are responsible for the appearance of the academic dress on the day of the ceremony. Each staff member is responsible for return of the academic dress to the University. 

Part E - The Provision of Academic Dress to Honorary Degree and Companion of the University Recipients

(13) Honorary Degree recipients will be provided with prescribed academic dress on the day of the ceremony. The Office for Advancement manages the liaison with the recipient for Honorary Degree, and are also responsible for the order and costs for the academic dress.

(14) The academic dress will be given as a gift to the recipient after the ceremony. The recipient of the Honorary Degree is then expected to wear this regalia on any future occasion, as invited by the University.

(15) Companion of the University recipients will be provided with a Council gown according to the Awards Regulations 2018. The academic dress for The Companion is not given as a gift to the Companion.

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Section 7 - Guidelines

(10) Nil