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Motor Vehicle Policy

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) This policy describes the University standards and related conditions for the allocation, management and use of University Motor Vehicles.

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Section 2 - TEQSA / ASQA / ESOS Alignment

(2) Nil.

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Section 3 - Scope

(3) This Policy applies to all University Motor Vehicles owned or leased by the University and includes:

  1. passenger vehicles;
  2. light commercial vehicles; and
  3. minibuses. 

(4) This Policy does not apply to:

  1. Teaching resource vehicles. For example, certain vehicles used by the Industrial Skills Training Centre and ambulance vehicles used by the Human Development Faculty to train and/or teach students;
  2. Non-passenger vehicles such as forklifts, caravans, trailers or similar; 
  3. Vehicles used for vehicle-related research purposes; and,
  4. Novated leases (refer to Salary Packaging Policy).
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Section 4 - Definitions

(5) Authorised Driver: Licenced Driver who has been authorised by their manager / supervisor using the Driver Authorisation Form.

(6) Department Vehicle: University Motor Vehicle leased or owned by a Department, College or School.

(7) Fringe Benefit: A Fringe Benefit arises where an employer makes a car available for the private use of an employee. 

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Section 5 - Policy Statement


(8) In line with the University’s commitment to Protecting Country, the University Motor Vehicle fleet is limited to a small pool of Department Vehicles for which a genuine business need has been demonstrated.

(9) The University Motor Vehicle fleet delivered under this Policy will be fit for purpose, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

(10) The University encourages staff to utilise alternatives to travel, such as video conferencing, or consider alternative forms of transport such as public transport, Uber or hire car in lieu of using a University Motor Vehicle or private vehicle.

(11) Only authorised drivers may drive University Motor Vehicle for University business in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Procedure.

(12) It is a requirement that any person driving a University Motor Vehicle must hold a current driver’s licence appropriate to that type of vehicle.

(13) University Motor Vehicles are only to be used for business purposes. No private use is permitted.

(14) Staff and students who use University Motor Vehicles in an unauthorised manner may face disciplinary action in accordance with the Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy or Student Misconduct Procedure.

(15) In the event of an accident involving a University Motor Vehicle, the authorised driver must follow the instructions specified in the Motor Vehicle Procedure.


(16) The procurement and management of University Motor Vehicles will be conducted in line with VU’s strategic objectives and commitment to sustainability, with the express view of reducing kilometers travelled, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport and a proactive working towards carbon neutrality.

Lease and Purchase Requirements for University Motor Vehicles

(17) All University Motor Vehicles are to be leased or purchased via the Procurement department who are responsible for managing the University's fleet in accordance with this Policy.

  1. In general, University Motor Vehicles are to be leased and not purchased. Where there is an operational requirement for the purchase of a vehicle, the purchase must be made via the Procurement department utilising the University’s preferred suppliers.
  2. No other University organisational unit is to purchase, own, lease or changeover a University Motor Vehicle except those excluded from this Policy in Clause 4. 
  3. Organisational Units in contravention of this requirement must dispose of the vehicle or make immediate arrangements to transfer the lease to the Procurement department, noting that as per Clause 19, organisational units are responsible for all costs associated with Department Vehicles.

(18) Requests for new University Motor Vehicles, including renewal of lease and changeover of existing vehicles, must be endorsed by the relevant Vice Chancellor’s Executive (VCE) (Band 2 delegation) and approved by the Chief Financial Officer.

  1. University Motor Vehicles will be selected from a standard range that meets University requirements for safety, sustainability and cost. If required for operational reasons, the Executive Director Procurement and Finance Operations may approve an alternative vehicle.

(19) Organisational units will be responsible for all costs associated with the lease and operation of a Department Vehicle, including Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). The University is required to pay FBT to the Australian Taxation Office on those elements of usage of University vehicles of a private nature.

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Section 6 - Procedures

(20) Motor Vehicle Procedure