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University Fleet Vehicle Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose / Objectives

(1) This policy describes the University standards and related conditions for the allocation of motor vehicles to departmental vehicle pools and to senior officers of the University.

(2) This document updates the previous policy, Allocation of Fleet Vehicles (POP 040809000) which was endorsed on 28 October 2002.

(3) The following amendments and clarifications have been made to the previous policy:

  1. Re-formatting of the policy in accordance with University guidelines;
  2. Improved definition of entitlements within each vehicle band;
  3. Lease term and expiry date;
  4. Conditions and procedures for removal of vehicle entitlement;
  5. Conditions resulting from the University's insurance policy;
  6. Payment in lieu conditions;
  7. Conditions for the disposal for currently owned vehicles;
  8. Introduction of range 4 vehicle list for pool vehicles;
  9. Revision of vehicle types in range 3.
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Section 2 - Scope / Application

(4) This policy applies to all University allocated vehicles and departmental pool vehicles and includes passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and mini buses. All such vehicles are to be leased via the Facilities Department. Other vehicles (refer Part C) may be purchased in consultation with the Facilities Department upon the approval of the relevant Principal Officer.

(5) This policy does not apply to:

  1. Teaching resource vehicles. For example, certain vehicles used by the Industrial Skills Training Centre and ambulance vehicles used by the Human Development Faculty to train and/or teach students;
  2. Non-passenger vehicles such as forklifts, caravans, trailers or similar;
  3. Vehicles used for vehicle related research purposes.
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Section 3 - Definitions

(6) Nil

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Section 4 - Policy Statement

Part A - Allocated Vehicles

(7) Allocated vehicles may be provided to the University staff identified in the following table if the provision of a vehicle is included in that staff member's employment contract.

(8) Only Principal Officers have the authority to approve the inclusion of an allocated vehicle in an employee's conditions of employment.

University Title Vehicle Range*
Principal Officer (Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Vice President) 1
Executive Dean/Dean 2
Directors of Major Corporate Areas** 2
Executive Director/Associate Director TAFE 2
University Librarian 2
University General Counsel 2
Directors of Research Centres & Research Institutes 3
Other Approved Officers 3
* Refer to Table 1 in the Guidelines below.
** For example, Facilities.

(9) Consultants or other persons who are not University employees are not entitled to an allocated vehicle unless authorised by the Vice-Chancellor.

(10) Any excess allocated or pool vehicles may be allocated by the Executive Director, Facilities for use before a new vehicle is leased.

Part B - Pool Vehicles

(11) Principal Officers must approve requests for new departmental pool vehicles. Department pool vehicles will be selected from the vehicle range 3 or 4. If required for operational reasons the Director Facilities may approve an alternative vehicle.

Part C - Other Vehicles

(12) This policy does not apply to:

  1. teaching resource vehicles. For example, certain vehicles used by the Industrial Skills Training Centre and ambulance vehicles used by the Human Development Faculty to train and/or teach students;
  2. non passenger vehicles such as forklifts, caravans, trailers or similar;
  3. vehicles used for vehicle related research purposes.

Part D - Fleet Management

(13) The Facilities Department is responsible for managing the University's fleet of allocated vehicles and departmental pool vehicles in accordance with this policy. No other University organisational unit is to own, lease or changeover a vehicle that is subject to this policy.

(14) Organisational Units in contravention of this requirement must dispose of the vehicle or make immediate arrangements to transfer the lease to Facilities Department.

Part E - Compliance

(15) Compliance with this policy is achieved by the signing of the 'Order for Fleet Vehicles' by the relevant Principal Officer and General Manager, Business Services, People & Culture (in the case of new allocated vehicles) and the Executive Director, Facilities.

(16) Compliance will also be achieved by officers with an allocated vehicle and officers with responsibility for pool vehicles, signing the 'Agreement for use of University Vehicles' form.

(17) The Facilities Department will undertake regular audits of:

  1. overnight garaging of pool vehicles;
  2. fuel card transactions;
  3. VicRoads registration details;
  4. CityLink.

(18) Non-compliance with this policy may result in the permanent or temporary removal of the vehicle entitlement and/or associated entitlements or, other disciplinary action as appropriate. Any disciplinary action is required to be authorised by the relevant Principal Officer.

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Section 5 - Procedures

Part F - Costs

(19) All costs associated with the lease and operation of a pool or allocated vehicle, including, but not limited to, FBT, maintenance, fuel, RACV membership, change-over, insurance excess, tollway charges, Greenfleet levy, excess kilometers, vehicle servicing and removing an accessory at lease expiry, will be borne by the Organisational Unit for which the vehicle was leased or the Organisational Unit of the officer to whom the vehicle has been allocated.

Part G - Officers May Elect not to Receive an Allocated Vehicle

(20) University Officers entitled to an allocated vehicle may, at the time of vehicle lease renewal, opt to alter their employment conditions such that they no longer receive a University fleet vehicle. In such instances, the officer will be entitled to an allowance in lieu and will be required to use his/her own vehicle for University purposes.

(21) The officers' own vehicle is required to be of a standard which is commensurate with his/her position within the University and is able to be used to transport University visitors or staff.

(22) The allowance in lieu for each allocated vehicle band is to be determined by the Facilities Department on 1 July each year. The allowance in lieu does not attract superannuation contributions. Allowance in lieu payments will not be made during periods of extended leave without pay (greater than five days).

(23) Officers may elect to use the allowance in lieu to lease a salary sacrificed vehicle. These leases are arranged through People and Culture.

(24) Officers may select a vehicle in a lower band than their entitlement. In such instances, the difference in vehicle band allowance will be paid to the officer as an allowance in lieu. The allowance in lieu does not attract superannuation contributions.

Part H - Use of Vehicle

(25) Only licensed drivers are permitted to use University allocated vehicles or pool vehicles.

(26) Allocated vehicles can be used for private use and during periods of paid leave. During extended periods of leave without pay (greater than twenty days), the vehicle is to be returned to the Facilities Department for the duration of leave.

(27) Pool vehicles may not be used for private use. Private use includes travel to and from the workplace.

(28) Allocated vehicles can be driven by members of the employee's family and other University employees. Use of the vehicle by people other than the above should be restricted and on an occasional basis only.

(29) The University's insurance policy places certain restrictions on vehicle use. The insurance policy is to be reviewed and complied with prior to any proposed use of a University vehicle by a learner driver or a driver older than 75 years of age.

(30) Persons with allocated vehicles and persons responsible for pool vehicles must service the vehicle according to the manufacturer's guidelines which can be found in the service book of the vehicle.

(31) Departments may not transfer use of an allocated vehicle to another person. The only exception to this rule is for persons acting in an official higher duties capacity, in which case the Executive Director, Facilities is to be advised of the change in driver.

(32) Staff and students may use pool vehicles if such use is authorised. Pool vehicles are to be garaged overnight on University premises. In exceptional circumstances, the Director Facilities may authorise limited garaging off campus.

(33) Pool vehicles can be used for interstate travel if authorised by the Executive Director, Facilities.

(34) All allocated or pool vehicles that are excess to requirements are to be returned to the central vehicle pool managed by the Facilities Department. In such cases, the Organisational Unit is responsible for the continuing lease payments until such time as the vehicle is re-allocated.

(35) Replacement vehicles are not provided as part of the leasing agreement. If a pool or allocated vehicle becomes unserviceable, then the responsible Organisational Unit should contact Facilities Department to ascertain availability of a surplus vehicle. If a replacement vehicle is not available, the Organisational Unit may arrange, at its cost, for the temporary use of a hire car.

Part I - Vehicle Changeover

(36) The lease term for vehicles will normally be three years. Depending upon the anticipated annual kilometres to be travelled, the Director Facilities can approve minor changes to this standard.

(37) The Facilities Department sends a reminder 3 months in advance and it is the driver's or the Organisational Unit's responsibility to submit a request for a replacement vehicle at least 12 weeks prior to the expiration of the lease.

(38) Vehicle leases include a limit on the kilometres which can be travelled during the lease term. If at any time it is apparent that the kilometre limit will be exceeded, it is the responsibility of the driver to advise the Facilities Department. Additional costs will be incurred for excess kilometres travelled or for re-negotiating the lease conditions.

(39) A vehicle cannot be changed over or sold before the lease term is reached unless approval is obtained from the Director Facilities.

(40) If a new staff member is entitled to a vehicle under an employment contract, any unallocated fleet vehicle may be allocated to that officer by the Executive Director, Facilities prior to a new vehicle being leased.

Part J - Removal of Vehicle Entitlement

(41) Temporary or permanent removal of an allocated vehicle or associated entitlements may be warranted in certain circumstances, including but not limited to:

  1. Change in job role;
  2. Misconduct pertaining to the use or maintenance of the vehicle;
  3. Repeated failure to provide odometer readings when purchasing fuel.

(42) The approval of the appropriate Principal Officer is required prior to the removal of a vehicle or associated entitlement.

Part K - Purchase of Vehicle

(43) At lease expiry a University staff member with an allocated vehicle may purchase that vehicle from the leasing company. The staff member is to contact the Facilities Department to arrange for a purchase price quotation from the leasing company.

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Section 6 - Guidelines

TABLE 1 — VEHICLE RANGE (Sedan or Wagon)

Range 1 Range 2 Range 3 Range 4 (Pool vehicles only)
Ford G6E
Ford Territory Titanium AWD*
Ford G6
Ford Territory TS AWD*
Ford Falcon
Ford Falcon EcoLPi
Ford Focus Trend TDCi*
Ford Fiesta Econetic* (only available in manual)
Ford Territory TX AWD*
Ford Focus Ambiente
Holden Statesman
Holden Calais V
Holden Captiva LX*
Holden Calais
Holden Captiva CX*
Holden Evoke
Holden Captiva SX*
Holden Cruze CDX*
Holden Cruze CD
Toyota Camry Atara SL
Toyota Prius I Tech
Toyota Camry Luxury Hybrid with all options
Toyota Camry Atara S
Toyota Camry Luxury Hybrid
Toyota Camry Altise
Toyota Prius
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Corolla Conquest
Toyota Corolla Ascent
Toyota Prius C
Toyota Camry Hybrid *Diesel fuel model

(44) All vehicles will be equipped with the standard accessories in the above ranges. If not already included in the standard accessories, the vehicle will also be fitted with: ABS brakes, air conditioning, automatic transmission and driver and passenger air-bags. A tollway transponder will also be fitted.

(45) The only additional options which can be equipped to a vehicle are a tow bar, headlight protectors, bonnet protectors, mud flaps, floor mats, cargo protection barrier (for station wagons) and a hands-free phone kit.