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Relocation and Immigration Assistance for New Staff Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose / Objectives

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Section 2 - Scope / Application

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Section 3 - Definitions

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Section 4 - Policy Statement

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Section 5 - Procedures

Travel expenses

(5) Generally the University will organise and pay for economy class airfares via the most direct route. Refer to the University's Travel policy for more details.

Overseas Appointees

(6) Regardless of the mode of travel appointees may choose, the University will pay the actual travel costs up to the equivalent of the most economical combination of one-way airfares for the most reasonable direct route from the home base of the appointee and family (partner and dependent children) to Melbourne. The University will also pay for necessary on-route expenses such as airport transfers, stopovers during the flight. Where overnight accommodation is necessary, the most economical accommodation should be organised. Other discretionary on-route expenses such as extended stopovers are at the appointee's own expense.

Domestic Appointees

(7) Travel expenses for domestic appointees and their family (partner and dependent children) will be on the basis of economy air or first class rail fares. If they wish to travel by car, the cost will be reimbursed at a rate in line with the University's Travel Policy, to a maximum limit equivalent to the economy air or first class rail fare, whichever is lesser. The reimbursement on a cents per kilometre basis of car expenses incurred by a relocating employee is not exempt from FBT, however the taxable value can be reduced to nil by the relocating employee completing and forwarding a "Relocation Transport Declaration" form to Tax Accountant, Finance Department.

Removal and Storage expenses

(8) The appointee is required to obtain at least three quotes from three different removalists for the removal, storage and insurance of personal, household and professional effects. The University will generally accept the lowest quote and pay amounts up to but not exceeding the following figures (in Australian Dollars) towards the total amount on production of original receipts. This amount will include removal, (from previous residence and office to new residence and office), insurance and storage expenses up to a maximum period of 4 weeks:

For appointees from overseas
Appointee only $8,000
With Spouse $14,000
For each additional dependent $800
For domestic appointees
Appointee only $4,000
With spouse $6,000
For each additional dependent $400
It should be noted that these rates are current at the time of writing this policy and will be regularly reviewed to ensure their appropriateness and competitiveness.

Other Relocation Services and Provisions

(9) The University acknowledges that the new staff member may be faced with additional costs during their relocation period and may require some time to settle in. The University therefore offers the following additional assistance to relocating appointees:

  1. Immigration
    1. The University provides the appointee and their family assistance with Immigration processes. The amount of financial assistance provided will be no less than the cost of sponsoring the visa and will be at the discretion of the Cost Centre Manager in the recruiting area.
  2. Temporary Accommodation
    1. The University will reimburse accommodation costs for the appointee and their family of up to $200 per day, excluding meals and other incidental expenses, for a maximum period of 2 weeks.
  3. Settling-in Allowance
    Appointee only $400
    With spouse $500
    With additional dependents $100 for each dependent
    This payment of settling allowance is not an exempt benefit and is subject to PAYG Withholding tax.
    1. The University offers a one-off settling- in allowance to the appointee, whether a domestic or overseas appointee, to assist with incidental expenses incurred because of the relocation:
  4. Settling-in period
    1. The University provides for paid time off over and above normal leave entitlements (to a maximum of 2 days) to the appointee within their first two months of employment to assist them in settling into their new location and attend to issues related with their relocation.
  5. Other Services
    1. The University does not assist directly with other relocation services such as school search, home search and partner career support. A general information document containing links to other resources is available from People and Culture upon request.

Cessation of Employment

(10) Where the appointee's employment ceases prior to completing three years of employment with the University, they must reimburse the University any expenses paid on their behalf on a pro-rata basis. For example, should they resign after completion of 20 months service, they would need to reimburse 16/36 of the total relocation financial assistance received.

(11) The amount payable is deemed to be a debt to the University that can be recovered via the University's normal debt collection procedures.

(12) The authorised officer, in accordance with the Delegations and Authorisations Policy, may waive all or part of the debt in extraordinary circumstances.

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Section 6 - Guidelines

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