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IT Asset Policy

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Policy provides a framework for the appropriate and effective management of University-owned and procured IT assets and software from acquisition to disposal.

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Section 2 - HESF/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(2) HESF: Standard 2.1 Facilities and Infrastructure, 7.3 Information Management.

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Section 3 - Scope

This Policy applies to:
  1. Victoria University (VU) Staff, students, contractors and third-party service providers.
  2. University procured and supplied Information and Communications Technology computer equipment, hardware, software and electronic devices.
  3. Software and applications for VU desktop computers, laptops, laboratory PCs and virtual desktop environments.
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Section 4 - Definitions

(3) IT asset: Including but not limited to Desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets, servers, smartphones and other electronic storage devices that are ITS recommended brands purchased or leased through University preferred suppliers.

(4) Computer asset: Desktop computer (PC) or laptop computer.

(5) Peripherals and IT accessories: Equipment or devices that connect to a computer including but not limited to monitor, docking station, keyboard and mouse.

(6) Software Asset: Software that is owned and/or operated by VU and/or outsourced or hosted by external/third-party service providers. This includes software that is a University business application and other software used for business, research and academic purposes.

(7) Business Application: Software application, system or solution that houses University information or for widespread business, research or learning and teaching purposes to achieve the objectives of the University. 

(8) Personal device: A device including but not limited to personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones that is not owned by VU and used to connect to or gain access to University networks and Information assets owned and/or operated by VU and/or outsourced or hosted by external/third-party service providers. 

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Section 5 - Policy Statement

(9) Victoria University is committed to:

  1. The provision of cost-effective world class IT infrastructure and customer services;
  2. Supporting IT assets that enable learning and teaching, academic enquiry and research, as well as the university’s engagement, administrative and service functions;
  3. Enabling students to achieve their full potential through the innovative adoption of leading edge technology;
  4. Providing an IT infrastructure and related services that are responsive to the needs of students and staff; and,
  5. Supporting efficient and effective University processes that enhance staff and student experience with IT tools and infrastructure.

(10) IT assets must be procured and managed in compliance with the Information Security Policy, and other relevant University policies and procedures, including the:

  1. Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy,
  2. Purchasing Policy
  3. Contracts Policy
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Sustainability Policy,
  6. Financial Code of Conduct Policy (and procedures); and,
  7. Employee Wellbeing - Working from Home Procedure.

(11) Staff, students, contractors and third party service providers must take reasonable precautions for the safety and protection of IT assets in their possession and agree to use IT assets in an appropriate and responsible manner in line with the IT Appropriate Use Policy, Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy and Student Charter Policy

(12) Costs associated with returning an IT asset that has been tampered with, defaced or permanently marked to its original state will be borne by the business unit or individual responsible for the IT asset. 

Part A -  IT Assets

(13) IT assets will be procured in the most cost effective way to deliver business services through University preferred suppliers in line with the University’s Purchasing Policy and meet University requirements and minimum operating standards. 

(14) IT assets may be purchased for VU staff use, subject to approval from the authorised cost-centre delegate.

(15) One computer asset will be allocated to an employee for University business needs. 

(16) The configuration of workstations in new or refurbished spaces will support a single computer asset and standard peripherals in line with the IT Asset Procedure. Any exceptions must be supported by business justification and approved by the Executive Dean or Executive Director or VCG member as well as final approval from the Chief Digital Officer and Executive Director Campus Services. 

(17) In keeping with VU’s Sustainability Policy, where appropriate, eligible IT assets will be reused or redeployed instead of ordering a new IT asset. 

(18) University procured and supplied IT assets remain the property of Victoria University. Staff, students, contractors and third party service providers must return all IT assets in their possession upon termination of their employment, contract or agreement unless a sale is permitted, or otherwise as stated in the individual’s contract of employment. 

(19) ITS will provide support and maintenance for University IT assets that are recommended by ITS, purchased or leased from University preferred suppliers and meet the stated minimum standards for the purpose for which they are to be used.

(20) IT assets should be replaced at intervals set by the University for the relevant IT asset category to ensure assets are maintained at a consistently high standard. Minimum lifecycles set for the replacement of IT assets should ensure maximum value and use of the IT asset before replacement.

Part B - Management of IT Assets

(21) IT assets are recorded in a centralised asset register maintained by Strategic Capital Management. 

(22) IT asset movements for desktop computers, laptops, tablet devices, servers and smartphones must be reported to Strategic Capital Management and relevant University procedures followed for IT assets that are:

  1. Re-allocated or transferred to other departments within the University;
  2. Moved to a new location;
  3. Returned on end of lease;
  4. Damaged or lost;
  5. Loaned or donated to an entity outside of the University;
  6. Sold internally or externally;
  7. Disposed of by physical destruction by the University’s nominated disposal service.

(23) Details regarding the disposal of IT assets is contained in the IT Asset Procedure.  Disposing of IT assets or gifting to individuals or other parties outside of the control of the University is strictly prohibited.   

(24) Improper disposal of IT assets may result in unauthorised access or inadvertent disclosure of proprietary, privileged or sensitive University information and may lead to disciplinary action.

Part C - Software Assets

(25) University Business Applications used for business, research and academic purposes must be selected, managed and utilised in a manner that achieves the objectives of the University and according to the principles outlined in the Business Application Procedure.

(26) The University manages licensing agreements with software providers for software and applications that are used for business, research and academic purposes. All users of University software must understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the accompanying licensing agreement regulating the use of any software or applications. 

(27) Software from the University’s software centre may be installed on IT assets. ITS provides assistance with the purchase and installation of software from the University’s software catalogue, subject to approval from the authorised cost-centre delegate and in line with the IT Asset Procedure.  

(28) Where the licensing agreement between the University and software provider permits, software may be installed and used on personal devices for personal use and/or University business, research or academic purposes. 

(29) Users should be aware of their obligations when installing and using University software and applications on their personal device and when connecting a personal device to the University environment. See IT Appropriate Use - Use of Personal Devices Procedure

Part D - Management of Software Assets

(30) Software assets that are University assets are recorded in a centralised asset register maintained by Strategic Capital Management.   

(31) ITS will centrally track and assign software licenses for software that is commonly used by the University for business, research and academic purposes.

(32) Software assets will be reviewed at intervals set by the University to ensure software and applications support University compliance and business operations. See Business Application Procedure.

Part E - Breach of Policy

(33) All breaches of this Policy will be treated seriously and may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the relevant enterprise agreement (for employees) or Student Misconduct Regulations 2019 (for students).

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Section 6 - Procedures

(34) IT Asset Procedure

(35) IT Asset - Business Application Procedure

(36) IT Asset - Cloud Storage Procedure