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Awards Regulations - Award Issue Procedure (VET)

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Procedure provides details of the process for:

  1. The issue of AQF certification of attainment of a VET qualification (Certificate I through to Advanced Diploma and Graduate Certificate) to those students who have fulfilled the requirements of their course (assessed as meeting the requirements of the training product as specified in the relevant training package or VET accredited course) and;
  2. The distribution of these awards to ensure AQF documentation is issued to a learner within 30 calendar days of the learner being assessed as meeting the requirements of the training product (if the training program in which the learner is enrolled is complete, all agreed fees the learner owes to the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) have been paid and Unique Student Identifier (USI) has been provided).
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Section 2 -  HESF/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(2) Standards for RTOs: Standard 3; Schedule 4 & 5. 

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Section 3 - Scope 

(3) This Procedure applies to all VU VET students enrolled in AQF VET nationally accredited course or training package who have fulfilled the requirements.

(4) Note: No Awards, Testamur, Academic Transcripts, or Statements of Attainment are issued to students who have outstanding fees and / or those with missing or invalid USI (excluding approved individuals with exemptions

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Section 4 - Definitions

(5) Testamur: Is the official University Award printed on parchment issued only when the graduate named as meeting the requirements of the training product specified in the relevant training package or VET accredited course.

(6) Academic Transcript: This is an A4 document printed on official Victoria University Stationary and shows all unit attempts and results completed by the student and the date of conferral and award number.

(7) Statement of Attainment: This is issued to a student when an individual has completed one or more accredited units

(8) Record of Results: 

  1. This is provided to Secondary Schools for Vet Delivered to Secondary Students (VETDSS) students who are studying  a VET course as part of the VCAL or VCE as an update to enable the Secondary Schools to update the students’ progress in the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS) system.
  2. This is provided to apprentices when transferring to another RTO and shows all unit attempts and results completed by the student.
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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(9) Awards Regulations 2018

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Section 6 - Procedure

Part A -  Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
Student Administration Runs a fortnightly process to identify all students eligible for an award including students with financial encumbrances
Awards and Graduations – Confers approved awards
Assessments and Resulting team – Produces statements of attainment
Director, Student Administration Prepares approval paperwork to the Vice-Chancellor 
Vice-Chancellor Authorises, on behalf of the Victoria University Council, conferral of awards
VET Manager Assesses a students' eligibility for course completion 
Communicates to Student Administration those students eligible for a Statement of Attainment
Finalises student results for one-day competency
VET Teachers Assesses a students' eligibility for course completion

Part B - Issue of Academic Transcript and Testamur

(10) All potentially eligible VET students are enrolled with course details and requirements listed on the Victoria University Student Management System (SMS). The enrolment record shows the USI, the full name of the student, age, contact details and all units of current enrolment and or previous studies undertaken at VU with all results. A fortnightly report of all VET enrolled students who have completed the required contact hours and may be eligible for course completion is generated and sent to Managers. This report is referred to as 'Predictive Completion'.

(11) Each Manager or Teacher assesses the students' eligibility based on all course requirements being met and selects that they have been approved. 

(12) Any students identified as having missing USI's or fees are advised that they cannot graduate without these issues being resolved.

(13) The Systems and Configuration Officer in Student Administration runs a fortnightly process to identify all students eligible for an award including students with financial encumbrances. This list is attached to a memorandum from the Director, Student Administration to the Vice-Chancellor to request authorisation on behalf of the Victoria University Council to confer the awards. 

(14) The awards of all eligible graduates are conferred after receipt of authorisation from the Vice-Chancellor.

(15) All eligible students receive an electronic statement which is generated from the SMS, entitled 'Course Completion Advice'.

(16) The student will receive a Testamur and Official Academic Transcript within 30 days of course completion, unless the student has unpaid fees and charges. Documents will only be issued once the debt is cleared.

Part C - Issue of a Statement of Attainment

(17) All students are issued with a Statement of Attainment where:

  1. A competency forms part of a qualification and the student did not complete their course;
  2. Upon completion of a Competency, the Manager sends student details to the Assessments and Resulting team to produce a Statement of Attainment which is printed and posted to the students; or,
  3. Upon completion of a one-day Competency such as First Aid, the Manager finalises the students results on the day and students are able to obtain a Statement of Attainment from a VUHQ service location.