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Health and Safety - Tobacco/Smoke Free University Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose / Objectives

(1) As part of its commitment to the Victorian Universities Smoke-Free Initiative, the University will be Tobacco/Smoke Free on all its premises, including open spaces from 31 May 2016. This will reduce potential harm from second-hand tobacco smoke and fire hazards, provides an environment that encourages everyone to be tobacco free, and promotes a culture of wellness and a more sustainable environment.

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Section 2 - Scope / Application

(2) This Policy applies to:

  1. All University premises and facilities (including open spaces)
  2. All University vehicles
  3. All University income streams, including investment income as per Investment Policy 2015
  4. All people who enter University premises and facilities including staff, students, visitors, volunteers and contractors

(3) This Policy excludes:

  1. University car parks
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Section 3 - Definitions

Smoking For the purposes of this policy means the inhalation and exhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco, herbs or illicit substances by any method.
Tobacco Free Means prohibiting tobacco sale, advertising, promotion or sponsorship.
Tobacco Products Includes all tobacco, cigarette, cigar, water pipe, e-cigarette or any other product containing tobacco.
Related Third Party Tobacco industry allies and commissioned third parties which benefit from the sale of tobacco products and/or sponsorship and have interests that compete with those of tobacco control. ( World Health Organization, 2009 )
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Section 4 - Policy Statement

Tobacco/Smoke Free University

(4) Victoria University is committed to providing staff, students, visitors, volunteers and contractors with a safe and healthy working and learning environment.

(5) As part of this commitment, the University is reducing the risk of smoking-related harm to all occupants of the University's campuses by becoming a Tobacco/Smoke Free University.

(6) From 31 May 2016 smoking will be prohibited on all University premises and facilities. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes:

  1. all buildings and properties
  2. all internal and outdoor areas (excluding carparks)
  3. all University vehicles

(7) The University is committed to establishing and maintaining a campus environment that is free from promotion and encouragement of smoking and tobacco consumption for its staff, students, visitors, volunteers and contractors.

(8) Smoking and tobacco advertising, promotion, sales and distribution of tobacco are prohibited in or on University property and buildings.

(9) Companies that manufacture tobacco products are excluded from participating in campus events and activities.

University-Owned property outside the control of the University

(10) The person responsible for approving new leases, licenses and other permission to use University space must include provisions restricting the occupants of the space from smoking and/or selling tobacco products contrary to this policy.

Smoking cessation support

(11) The University will ensure smoking cessation information and resources are available to support staff and students.


(12) Staff or students who fail to comply with the Tobacco/Smoke Free University Policy, or reasonable directions in accordance with this policy, may be subject to disciplinary action. Contractors or other visitors found breaching this Policy may be asked to leave the campus.

(13) In attempting to enforce the Tobacco/Smoke Free University Policy all staff, students and contractors must prioritise their personal safety. If they perceive there is a risk to themselves in challenging somebody smoking on campus they are to withdraw from the situation immediately.

University Income Streams

(14) In keeping with its commitment to ethical, social and governance factors in investment (see the Investment Policy 2015), the University

  1. is committed to maintaining income streams that are free from the influence of tobacco industry funding
  2. will not maintain shareholdings in companies involved in the Tobacco industry.

(15) University officials, staff, advisors or other persons representing the University must not accept gifts or awards from, or enter into any arrangement, association or partnership with, the Tobacco industry or Related Third Party, either directly or indirectly. See VU's Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy for further information.

(16) The University must not accept funds for research projects, grants, scholarships, sponsorships or other material considerations from the Tobacco industry or Related Third Parties.

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Section 5 - Roles/Responsibilities

Staff and Students All members of the university community share the responsibility of adhering to and enforcing the Tobacco/Smoke Free University Policy. All University Staff and Students have the responsibility for bringing this Policy to the attention of smokers including visitors and/or contractors.
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Section 6 - Procedures

(17) Nil

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Section 7 - Guidelines

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