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VET Non-School Foundation and Senior Secondary Provider - Integrity, Accuracy and Currency of Student Records Procedure

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Procedure outlines the requirements for maintaining the integrity, accuracy and currency of student records in VRQA registered non-school accredited foundation and senior secondary programs.

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Section 2 - HESF/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(2) Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 (Cth)

(3) Guidelines for non-school providers: Minimum standards for registration to provide an accredited senior secondary or foundation secondary course

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Section 3 - Scope

(4) This Procedure applies to all student records relating to non-school foundation and senior secondary programs delivered by Victoria University (VU).

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Section 4 - Definitions

(5) Full Student Details Report – A report generated from VASS that specifies the personal and enrolment details for an individual student.

(6) GAT – General Achievement Test.

(7) Home School – The foundation and senior secondary school provider where a student is enrolled for one or more foundation and/or senior secondary units.

(8) VASS – Victorian Assessment Software System - managed by the VCAA. This database stores personal and enrolment details for all students enrolled in foundation and senior secondary programs.

(9) VCAA – Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

(10) VRQA – Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.

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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(11) Nil.

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Section 6 - Procedures

Part A - Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
Executive Director Oversees the implementation of the Procedure.
Education Manager Monitors the implementation of the Procedure and the maintenance of accurate records.
Approves VASS access for relevant staff.
Ensures appropriate training for VASS administration officers.
Develops calendar of VCAA administrative dates and provides to teachers and administration officers.
Accesses VASS notifications and circulates to relevant staff.
Signs completed attendance registers. 
Approves amendments to results for VASS entry.
Education Manager / Senior Educator Checks attendance registers for accuracy.
Reviews results data with teachers. 
Teachers (including ongoing or fixed-term, sessional or teaching contractors) Enters student results on the VASS class printout and return to the relevant VASS Administration Officer within required timelines.
Completes attendance registers.
Verifies student identity as required for assessment purposes.
Checks results entry with the Education Manager/Senior Educator and amend as required.
Approves all results entry by signing and dating the VASS class printout.
Administration Team Leader Allocates appropriate administration staffing to support maintenance of student records.
VASS Administration Officers Enters student details and amendments in VASS.
Processes student and course amendments in VU’s Student Management System.
Prints Full Student Details Reports as required.
Creates individual student files.
Creates class attendance registers.
Pre-prints class result lists from VASS.
Enters approved results and result amendments on VASS.
Provides student results and records from VASS on written request from the named student.
Processes transfers of VASS records to new home schools.
Stores and archives records as per Records Management procedures.
Assessment and Resulting Conduct external VCE examinations and maintain associated student documentation in line with the VCAA’s Agreement to Conduct and Administer VCE External Assessments.

Part B - VASS Access and Release of Records

(12) The Education Manager identifies staff members who require VASS access and ensures that they are provided with appropriate training from the VCAA.

(13) The Education Manager ensures that all VASS Officers sign the VASS User Acceptance Agreement form prior to being given access to the system. 

(14) Individual VASS login details are not shared with other staff members.

(15) Student records on VASS are made available to the named student upon request to the Education Manager.

(16) Student records from VASS are released to a third party only with the written consent of the named student. Records of the request and consent are stored in the student file.

(17) Where a student wants to change their home school status, VU receives notification of a request to transfer student records to another home school. The VASS Administration Officer contacts the student and the proposed home school to confirm the request. Once confirmed, the VASS Administration Officer actions the request on VASS.

Part C - Enrolment and Course Documentation Records

(18) In completing the enrolment process, students provide personal Details and acceptable evidence of identification.

(19) All relevant personal information and identification documents are retained in thestudent management system.

(20) Students also provide their personal details on the VASS Personal Details form.These details are entered on VASS within 30 days of enrolment. Students are required tocheck and sign the form to confirm the accuracy of the information.

(21) Any subsequent changes to a student’s personal and /or course enrolment details must be actioned on VASS and on the Victoria University (VU) student management system. Following any updates, the Full Student Details Report must be printed and signed by the student. The original endorsed form must be retained in the student file and a copy provided to the student.

(22) All records entry and maintenance must comply with the VCAA’s administrative dates and any relevant VCAA notifications.

(23) A student file must be created for every enrolled student. Any hard documents are stored in a secure environment.  Access to student files is provided by the Education Manager to administrative and teaching staff as required. All relevant enrolment documentation is stored in the individual student’s profile in the student management system.

(24) Access to student files is governed by VU’s Privacy Policy, Records Management Policy and related procedures.

Part D - Attendance Registers

(25) The Administration Officer prepares an attendance register for every commencing group and subject/unit, using the Attendance Register template.

(26) The class teacher completes the register at the commencement of each class, using the designated attendance codes.

(27) The Senior Educator and/or Education Manager reviews the attendance register for accuracy and ensures that it is signed by the relevant teacher.

(28) The completed register is signed by the Education Manager and stored as per VU’s Records Management - Physical Records Storage Procedure.

Part E - Internal Assessment

(29) Before conducting any assessment activity, the teacher must ensure that the student is the correct person. An identification check may be required. ID is checked at enrolment so if a teacher has been working regularly with the student then no formal identification processes are required.

(30) All assessment items completed outside scheduled class time must be submitted with a signed assessment cover sheet, affirming that the work is that of the named student.

(31) For VCE internal formal examinations, papers should be printed by the class teacher immediately prior to the examination. Examination papers must be stored securely in the VCE staff office.

(32) Completed assessment items must be retained in the student file and archived as per VU’s Records Management - Disposal of Records Procedure.

Part F - VCE External Examinations

(33) External examinations, including the General Achievement Test (GAT), are conducted at the St Albans Campus.

(34) All VCAA examination materials must be stored in a locked cabinet in the VCAA approved secure room. Only authorised personnel may access the secure room.

(35) VU’s Assessment and Resulting Department administers examinations and manages completed examination papers in line with the VCAA’s Agreement to Conduct and Administer VCE External Assessments.

Part G - Results Entry and Monitoring

(36) Two weeks prior to the scheduled results entry date, the VASS Administration Officer prints a class list from VASS and provides it to the relevant teacher/s.

(37) Teacher/s enter the results on VU’s student management system and on the VASS class list. The class list is signed and returned to the VASS Administration Officer who enters the data on VASS.

(38) The VASS Administration Officer prints the results record from VASS and provides it to the Education Manager.

(39) The Education Manager, Senior Educator and teacher check the results record from VASS against the teacher’s records. When the accuracy of the data has been confirmed, the teacher signs and dates the VASS results record. A copy of the results record is retained securely.

(40) The teacher documents any amendments on the VASS results record and provides it to the VASS Administration Officer for updating in VASS. The updated record is printed for checking and signing by the teacher.

(41) Where an amendment to result is required, the Education Manager completes and signs the Result Amendment sheet from VASS. The form is then sent to the Student Records and Results Unit for processing. A copy of the amendment form is retained in the student’s file.

(42) All results entry activities must comply with the VCAA’s administrative dates and relevant VCAA notifications.