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Awards Regulations - Student Speaker Procedure

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Procedure sets out the process for selecting Student Speakers to deliver the farewell address on behalf of graduates at Victoria University (VU) graduation ceremonies.

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Section 2 - HESF/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(2) HESF: Standard 1.5 Qualifications and Certification.

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Section 3 - Scope

(3) This Procedure applies to all VU graduation ceremonies, for all cohorts of students.

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Section 4 - Definitions

(4) Student Speaker – A Student Speaker delivers a short farewell address, on behalf of the graduating students, at each VU graduation ceremony.

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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(5) Awards Regulations 2018

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Section 6 - Procedures

Part A - Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
Awards and Graduations
Manages Student Speaker nominations and timelines.
Ensures nominees are eligible, provides selection information to Director, Student Administration.
Confirms that Student Speakers can attend the ceremony and that they have all information they require.
Provide written introductions for each student.
Event Services
Incorporates Student Speaker introductions in graduation script.
Briefs Students Speakers prior to each ceremony.
Director, Student Administration Assesses the nominated students and rank them in priority order.
Senior Colleges and VU Polytechnic Provides three suitable Student Speaker nominations from their cohort of graduating students.

(6) Prior to each graduation round, Student Administration contacts Senior Colleges and VU Polytechnic to seek nominations for Student Speakers.

(7) Colleges and VU Polytechnic provide three nominations by the specified deadline.

(8) Awards and Graduations collates the nominations, ensures nominees are eligible to attend the ceremony and obtains academic transcripts for each nominee.

(9) The Director, Student Administration considers all nominations and ranks them in priority order for each ceremony. 

(10) When selecting the Student Speaker, the Director, Student Administration considers these criteria:

  1. The student has skills and experience which would make them confident to deliver an inspirational speech at the ceremony in front of a large audience;
  2. The student’s behaviour reflects VU’s values (such as demonstrating respect for others, embodying opportunity and success, showing commitment to the community and academic excellence);
  3. Where there is more than one suitable candidate, the nominees’ academic performance will also be considered.

(11) Awards and Graduations contacts the highest ranked nominees and asks if they would like to be Student Speaker. If they decline or are unable to attend, the next highest ranked nominee is contacted until a Speaker is found for each ceremony.

(12) If Student Speakers have not yet registered to attend the ceremony they will be given an opportunity to do so, even if registrations have closed.

(13) Awards and Graduations liaises with Student Speakers and the Events Services team to ensure all arrangements are in place, such as providing introductory statements for each student and ensuring students are briefed prior to the ceremony.