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Car Parking Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose / Objectives

(1) This policy outlines the fee paying arrangements for car parking across University campuses. The policy is based on the principle of user pays carparking.

(2) The policy also notes that revenue received from carparking operations will be used as a source of funds to upgrade existing carparks, to provide additional carparking and to encourage alternative means of travel.

(3) The Car Parking Policy was first introduced in 2008. Prior to that time there was no University-wide approach to carparking fees and charges.

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Section 2 - Scope / Application

(4) This policy applies to all carpark areas on all University properties other than the Student Village, the commercially run carpark at City Flinders and non-campus sites such as Whitten Oval and the Sunshine Hospital.

(5) The policy applies to all University staff, students, contractors and visitors.

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Section 3 - Definitions

(6) Eligible staff — staff employed by the University on a time fraction of greater than 0.2 either as ongoing or with a contract of no less than 6 months duration.

(7) External Contractor — A contractor who irregularly attends Victoria University campuses eg. Plumbers, electricians etc

(8) Full vehicle entitlement — Refers to staff members who have a 100% entitlement to a fully maintained motor vehicle.

(9) Ticket Parking Area — Carpark zones in which machines are provided to dispense pay and display parking tickets.

(10) University Based Contractor — A contractor whose primary place of work is Victoria University eg, security staff, cleaners etc

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Section 4 - Policy Statement

(11) The level of car parking fees to be charged shall be determined from time to time by the Vice-Chancellor as required.

(12) The University supports the use of alternative means of transport and programs to assist in reducing the capacity demands on the carparks will be developed.

(13) New carparks will be designed to a minimum standard comprising the provision of hard pavement, drainage, line marking, lighting and limited CCTV coverage. Existing carparks will be progressively upgraded to these standards.

(14) All privately owned vehicles enter University property at the owner's risk. The University does not accept responsibility for any accidents, losses or damage that occurs while privately owned vehicles are on University property.

(15) Annual and/or daily permits will be available for staff. Salary packaging options are available to eligible staff for the payment of annual parking permits.

(16) University funds are not to be used for the purchase of University parking permits other than for the purchase of visitor permits (V Permits) for use by external visitors. University funds are not to be used for the payment of Parking Infringement Notices.

(17) Permits and parking tickets purchased at one VU campus will be valid at all other VU campuses (other than the commercial carpark at City Flinders). Tickets purchased at Whitten Oval and the Sunshine Hospital will also be valid in ticket areas of all VU car parks.

(18) The Facilities Department has responsibility for administering and operating carparking on all University property other than Student Village and non campus sites such as Whitten Oval and the Sunshine Hospital.

(19) Parking at the Student Village is managed by the Student Services Department. Parking at non University owned sites is as per the requirements of the owner/operator of those parking areas.

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Section 5 - Procedures

(20) The Executive Director, Facilities or nominee will develop and maintain a set of procedures to support the application of this policy.

Part A - Entitlement to Park

(21) An entitlement to park on VU campuses is gained by the purchase and display of a valid parking permit or ticket. A variety of permit and ticket types are available and these are outlined in Part B.

(22) No charge will apply to parking motorcycles provided that they are parked in a designated motorcycle parking area. Motorcycles not parked in designated motorcycle parking areas will be issued with a Parking Infringement Notice.

(23) The Executive Director, Facilities will determine the hours during which fees to park in University carparks will apply.

Part B - Permit Types

(24) A range of permit types are available as detailed below. Parking areas on campus will be set aside for each particular permit type. A displayed valid permit will allow the holder to park his/her vehicle in the appropriate parking zone but does not guarantee the availability of a parking bay.

  1. RES permit — these apply to all University vehicles covered under the University Fleet Vehicle Policy and staff with a full vehicle entitlement as part of their remuneration package at the University. RES permits also apply to the vehicles of external members of the University Council and Committees of Council. RES permits entitle holders to park in a designated RES parking space on the campus the holder is based at. RES Permits also entitle the holder to park in staff only parking areas and ticket parking areas as well as in Visiting RES permit spaces on the staff members non-home campus. External members of Council and Committees of Council will be issued with a RES permit free of charge.
  2. E permit — these are available to all staff and entitle holders to park in designated staff only parking areas. E permits will be available for annual, 6 month and daily periods. Salary package options are available to eligible staff for annual and 6 monthly permits. Students who are employed as either casual or sessional staff are not entitled to an E Permit.
  3. C permit - these are available to University based contractors and entitle holders to park indesignated areas and Loading Zones. They are available as annual permits only.
  4. PG permit - these are available to post-graduate students only. PG Permits entitle holders to park in certain areas designated for staff only use. PG Permits are available for annual and 6 monthly use.
  5. V permit — these are available for organisational units to issue to external visitors and external contractors. V permits entitle holders to park in certain areas designated for staff only use and are able to be purchased from University funds. V permits are available as day permits and must not be issued to staff or students.
  6. CP permit — these permits are for car pool users and are available to all staff and entitle holders to park in carpark areas available for staff only. They are available as annual permits only.
  7. UR permit — these permits are to be used by residents of Victoria Place Student Accommodation. UR permits entitle holders to park in Ticket Parking Areas only. UR permits are available as annual permits only.
  8. Tickets — daily use pay and display tickets are available for purchase and use in designated areas.

(25) Persons with a disability, medical condition or injury and who hold and display a valid Australian Municipal Council Category 1 disability parking permit are allowed to park in designated disabled parking bays on any VU campus. Any applicable VU permit fee or time-based carparking fee must also be paid.

(26) Please see table 1 in Associated Documents for a summary of the permit types and eligibility. Table 2 provides details of the parking zones applicable to each permit type.

(27) The types of permits available may be varied by the Executive Director, Facilities. All permits will be re-issued at regular intervals.

Part C - Infringement Notices

(28) The Road Safety Act 1986 and associated Regulations apply to all University owned and operated land. The University may issue Parking Infringement Notices for non-compliance with the parking provisions contained within the Act. The amount of these fines will be as defined in the Act and associated regulations. Parking Infringement Notices will also be issued to vehicles parking in an area without the required permit.

(29) The payment of Parking Infringement Notices is the responsibility of the individual and University funds are not to be used for this purpose.

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Section 6 - Guidelines

(30) Table 1: Permit Types and Eligibility

(31) Table 2: Parking zones applicable to each permit type