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Awards Regulations - Academic Transcripts Procedure

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Procedure provides direction around the provision of academic transcripts for students of all Higher Education (HE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.

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Section 2 - HESF/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(2) HESF: Standard 1.5 Qualifications and Certification

(3) Standards for RTOs: Standard 3; Schedule 4 & 5. 

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Section 3 - Scope

(4) An academic transcript is available to a student who has enrolled in a course at Victoria University (VU) (award or non-award) and has completed at least one unit. The student does not need to have completed the course and a transcipt can be obtained at any time during the year.

(5) Students who have completed an Award course are entitled to receive an electronic copy of their official academic transcript free of charge at the time of conferral.

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Section 4 - Definitions

(6) Academic Transcript – An Academic Transcript represents a true account of all results achieved in each Victoria University (VU) unit of study the student has completed.

(7) Digital Version – Includes the same information as a hard copy Transcript but is provided to the student digitally, via a secure login. Students can share the login with potential employers or others as they choose.

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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(8) Awards Regulations 2018

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Section 6 - Procedures

Part A - Roles/Responsibilities

Roles Responsibility
Student Applies for academic transcript as required by lodging the relevant form.

Pays the required fee if not a completing student.

Pays the required replacement fee if another transcript is requested after receiving a free copy at completion.
VUHQ or Contact Centre Accepts and processes orders for transcripts.

Arranges for the provision of transcripts to students.
Student Administration Issues students with their academic transcripts.

Responsible for ensuring mechanisms are in place to reduce fraudulent reproduction of academic transcripts.

Part B - Academic Transcript

(9) Enrolled on-shore students can apply for an electronic or hard copy of their Academic Transcript for a fee by lodging the relevant form.

(10) Offshore students will receive access to their Academic Transcript via the off campus administration centre when semester results are released. Additional copies are available and the standard transcript charges apply.

(11) Students can request to have an Academic Transcript replaced if their results have been altered since the first issue. If requesting a hard copy replacement, students must return the original transcript to VU and a new Academic Transcript will be issued.

(12) An Academic Transcript will be replaced for a fee if damaged, destroyed, stolen, lost, or as a result of a name change due to marriage, divorce, deed poll or transition of gender. If the Academic Transcript is to be replaced due to a name change, the student must follow appropriate processes to change their name in the enrolment system before requesting the replacement transcript.

(13) If an award is revoked the Academic Transcript is also revoked and must be returned to the University, in accordance with the Awards Regulations - Awards and Testamurs Procedure.

(14) The cost of an Academic Transcript is reviewed annually as part of the Student Services Ancillary fees.

(15) Transcripts for study before 2001 can only be provided in hard copy and are processed manually by the Assessment and Resulting team.

(16) Academic Transcripts will include the following information:

  1. the name of the University;
  2. the full name of the person to whom the documentation applies;
  3. the date of issue;
  4. the name and office of the person authorised by the University to issue the documentation;
  5. the full name of courses and units undertaken and date(s) of study;
  6. any credit granted (e.g. advanced standing or recognition of prior learning);
  7. the weighting (credit points) of units (if applicable);
  8. the grades and/or marks for each unit and, if applicable, the course overall;
  9. an explanation of the grading system used;
  10. where a course of study includes a significant particular focus of study such as honours, an area of specialisation or a major study, a definition of that component of significant focus;
  11. any parts of a course or units of study or assessment that were conducted in a language other than English, except for the use of another language to develop proficiency in that language.