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Awards Regulations - Awards and Testamurs Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose / Objectives

(1) This procedure describes the process by which students who have completed the requirements for an Award of Victoria University will have their Award conferred by the issuance of a Testamur.

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Section 2 - Scope / Application

(2) This procedure applies to all students who have completed an Award course and are entitled to receive the following at the time of conferral:

  1. Testamur; and
  2. Academic Transcript; and
  3. AHEGS (for Higher Education graduates of Self Accredited Awards only).
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Section 3 - Definitions

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Section 4 - Policy Statement

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Section 5 - Procedures


Roles Responsibility
(5) Student a. Applies to graduate b. Makes appropriate arrangement to receive their Testamur at a graduation ceremony or collect on campus, or have it sent to them
(6) Assessments and Completions Unit a. Receives application to graduate
b. Sends applications to relevant College/s for approval
c. Arranges for the production of correctly formatted testamurs (see below)
d. Maintains the University's Graduation Register
(7) College/s a. Confirms the student's eligibility to graduate from the award program

Applying to Graduate

Description Role
(8) On completion of the requirements for a:
a. single Award course students will be eligible to receive a Testamur for that Award
b. double Award course students will be eligible to receive a Testamur for each Award
c. dual Award students will be eligible to receive a Testamur from VU and the partner institute.
(9) Students who are enrolled in a nested Self Accredited Award, and who are continuing their studies towards a higher qualification, will be eligible to receive evidence of completion of the first Award, by way of a Letter of Completion. Students who are not continuing their studies towards a higher Award must withdraw and by exiting their studies will be eligible to receive a Testamur for the completed qualification.
(10) All students must formally apply to receive their Testamur even if they do not intend to attend a ceremony.
(11) Students are not eligible to be issued a Testamur if they have any results or fees outstanding.
(12) All graduation applications are processed by the Assessments and Completions Unit and sent to the relevant College for approval. All eligible graduands receive formal notice of their eligibility.
(13) If a graduand does not return the graduation attendance form the Testamur will be held by the University until the graduate arranges to collect it.

Producing a Testamur

Description Role
(14) The title of the Award which appears on the Testamur is as recorded on the schedule.
(15) The name printed on the Testamur is the student's legal name as recorded on the student management system at the time of printing the Testamur.
(16) Testamurs are printed on parchment paper, 375mm by 265mm, as approved by the University Council.
(17) Testamurs must include the following elements (in order from top to bottom on the Testamur):
a. an embossed Victoria University logo;
b. the wording; By authority of the Council of Victoria University;
c. the full name of the graduate;
d. the wording; having satisfied the requirements of the University were granted the..... ;
e. the title of the Award conferred (for Self Accredited Awards) OR the title of the Award by its code and full title (for Externally Registered Awards);
f. where applicable, the course or specialisation undertaken;
g. where applicable, a statement that the program was taught in a language other than English;
h. the date, month and year of the Award;
i. the wording. The qualification is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework;
j. the name and signature of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor;
k. the University Seal; and l. the unique certificate identifier.
(18) In addition to the above Testamurs produced for Externally Registered Awards must also include the following information;
a. national code and title (refer above);
b. the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo in accordance with current conditions of use;
c. where relevant, the words, 'achieved through Australian Apprenticeship arrangements'; and d. where the qualification is from a Training Package the words, 'A summary of the employability skills developed through this qualification can be downloaded from
(19) In addition to the above Testamurs produced for Affiliate and Dual Awards must also include the following information:
a. Inclusion of the partner institution's official logo (only if agreed at the time of course approval). No other form of endorsement of acknowledgement can be approved.
b. For Affiliate Awards the relationship is acknowledged by the words 'This programme of study for this course was undertaken in affiliation with the [name of institute].
c. For Dual Awards the relationship is acknowledged by the words: 'This course was undertaken jointly with [name of institution]. It is also expected that the Testamur issued by the partner institution will acknowledge Victoria University in a similar manner.

Conferring an Award and Issuing a Testamur

Description Role
(20) All University Awards are conferred by Council and are certified by the issuance of a Testamur.
(21) Testamurs are issued to Graduands at a designated University ceremony or in absentia.
(22) VU maintains a Graduation Register of all Testamurs issued to graduates. The records are retained permanently. This register contains sufficient information to identify correctly the:
a. holder of the Award
b. Award by its full title (and code for externally registered Awards)
c. date of issue/conferral.
(23) Prior to the conferral of the Award graduands, can apply to the Assessment and Completions Unit for an official Letter of Completion if they require it for employment, Visa or further study purposes.

Replacing a Testamur

Description Role
(24) A Testamur will be replaced for a fee. The relevant form must be completed which can be downloaded from the student portal. An authorised statutory declaration must be submitted at the time of application.

Revoking and Surrendering a Testamur

(5) An Award must be formally revoked under the authority of University Council following an investigation that the Award has been incorrectly conferred on a recipient:

  1. for which that recipient was not qualified; or
  2. because of fraud or dishonesty; or
  3. as a result of administrative error.

(6) A memo outlining the reason for the revocation is prepared for the Vice-Chancellor's consideration by the Assessments and Completions Unit. The Vice-Chancellor, after conducting an investigation, will recommend revocation if appropriate to University Council. The process for conducting the investigation and providing the graduate with an opportunity to respond is detailed in Part 5 of the Awards Regulation.

(7) If revocation occurs, the graduate is advised to return all official artefacts associated with the issuing of the Award. The details of the revocation will be noted on the Graduation Register and the student record.

(8) In situations where a student has completed an Award which articulates directly into a higher AQF level Award there is no requirement for the student to surrender the Testamur at the time of enrolment, or when the higher Award is conferred.


(9) The use of the University Seal deems that the award has been conferred by Council. The seal will appear in raised relief on both the front and back of the parchment. A unique identifier is also printed on the Testamur. This number is recorded on the register of all awards conferred in accordance with the AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy. The date of collection of all Testamurs also forms part of the register. The official Statement of Attainment is also printed on our secured foiled paper. All results and wording related to the record is generated from the Victoria University Student Management System, VU Connect. The official paper has the following wording preprinted at the bottom of each page:

  1. Security and Verification
    1. The VU logo in the top left hand corner of an original transcript includes a blue embossed VU diamond with a gloss overlay and plain black text. The embossed diamond will appear in raised relief on the front of the transcript and as an indentation on the back. The authorised signatory of Victoria University, indicates the transcript is valid. If an enquirer has the written authority from the named student, Victoria University will check the accuracy of information in this document.
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Section 6 - Guidelines

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