VET Policies and Procedures

VET Policies and Procedures

VU has policies and procedures that cover all our students and staff, regardless of whether they are part of our Vocational and Further Education programs, our Higher Education coursework programs, or our Higher Degrees by Research programs.

There are also specific procedures in the Vocational and Further Education area that only apply to VET students or courses.

These can be searched via the Policy Library in two ways:

  1. Via the Search Function, by selecting ‘VET’ as the ‘Document Category’; or,
  2. Via the Browse A-Z function, and filtering the search results to the ‘VET’ category.


Below are some frequently used student related Policy and Procedure for VE / FE students:


Admissions and Enrolments 


Award of AQF Certification


Complaints and Student Appeals

Academic Progress

Practical Placement


Safety (including for under 18s)