VET Policies and Procedures

VET Policies and Procedures

VU has policies and procedures that cover all our students and staff, regardless of whether they are part of our Vocational and Further Education programs, our Higher Education coursework programs, or our Higher Degrees by Research programs.

Because of the diversity of VU's operations and our need for policy to cover different areas, we recognise that searching the Policy Library can be a big undertaking for students and staff. There are also specific procedures in the Vocational and Further Education area that only apply to VE / FE students or courses, and it's important that these are easily accessible to you at all times.

This page aims to provide a ready reference point for staff, students and members of the public interacting with VU's Vocational and Further Education programs, to help navigate you to the right information for your needs.

Each of the links below takes you to a policy, procedure or information page about the subject area listed. Where you need to complete a form, this will be clearly stated in the policy or procedure and a current link will be provided to enable you to do what you need to do.

Admissions, Enrolments and Fees


Award of AQF Certification


Complaints and Student Appeals

Continuous Improvement


Learning and Teaching


Practical Placement


Regulatory Oversight

Safety (including for under 18s)

Teacher Qualifications