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Car Parking Procedure

Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Procedure prescribes the mechanisms and details in relation to parking at Victoria University (VU).

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Section 2 - TEQSA/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(2) Nil.

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Section 3 - Scope

(3) This Procedures applies to all students, staff, contractors and visitors utilising VU campuses and VU managed private car parks.

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Section 4 - Definitions

(4) EasyPark App: Application used to pay for and manage parking in metered parking areas. 

(5) Eligible Staff: Staff employed by VU on a time fraction of greater than 0.2 either as ongoing or with a fixed term contract of no less than 6 months duration.

(6) External Contractor: A contractor who irregularly attends Victoria University campuses e.g. Plumbers, electricians etc.

(7) Meter Parking Zones: Carpark zones in which parking meter machines are provided.

(8) University Based Contractor: A contractor whose primary place of work is Victoria University e.g., security staff, cleaners etc.

(9) Virtual Permit: Digital form of permit. 

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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(10) Car Parking Policy.

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Section 6 - Procedures

Part A - Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Responsibilities
VU Parking Day to day operations of parking at VU.

Part B - Procedures


(11) A range of permit types are available with each permit type entitling the holder to park at designated parking zones on campus (refer to Permit Eligibility and Entitlements section).

(12) A virtual permit will allow the holder to park their vehicle in the appropriate parking zone but does not guarantee the availability of a parking bay. 

(13) Persons who have a valid Category 1 Disability Permit are entitled to use all accessible parking spots at VU campuses.

(14) Terms and conditions are associated with each permit type in relation to parking zone entitlement.


(15) The University will determine the hours during which fees to park in University car parks will apply.

(16) The Parking Fees Schedule outlines permit types and associated fees.

(17) No charge will apply to parking motorcycles provided that they are parked in a designated motorcycle parking area. Motorcycles can park in designated car parking areas provided the appropriate permit/daily fee is paid.

(18) The payment of the applicable parking fee in accordance with the Parking Fees Schedule is through the following main methods:

  1. An ongoing VU permit system for staff through fortnightly salary deductions, or for casual/contract staff, an upfront payment for three, six or twelve month permit.
  2. Purchase of daily ‘scratchie’ permits (for staff only) in books of 20. 
  3. Payment via the EasyPark App or coins at parking meters.

Intercampus Parking

(19) Intercampus car parking is to support staff members who visit multiple campuses over the course of their working day and are valid for E Permit holders. 

(20) These spaces are in addition to the existing car parking categories at each campus.

(21) A staff member with an E Permit may park at any campus in a metered / intercampus E Permit zone.

(22) Intercampus parking is limited to 4 hours only, not for all day parking.

(23) Intercampus parking is subject to VU’s legislated obligation governing parking enforcement and parking infringement appeals.

Eligiblity and Entitlements

E All staff E-Permit zones
Intercampus E-Permit zones (maximum of 4 hours)
Salary package options are available for eligible ongoing or fixed term staff. 
E (Prepaid) Post graduate students
University based contractors
Sessional and Casual
E-Permit zones
Intercampus E-Permit zones (maximum of 4 hours)
C University based contractors C Permit Bays
Loading Zones (maximum of 30 minutes)
Available as annual/bi annual permits or via use of scratchies available for purchase from the VU Parking Office.
V (Prepaid Scratchie) Issued by Organisational Unit/Department to external visitors.  Areas signposted for visitors only use Prepaid scratchies may be purchased from University funds by way of cost centre. 
Forms and Scratchies are available from the VU Parking Office. 
V permits are available as day permits only and not for staff or student use.
UR Residents of the UniLodge facility UR Permit zones UR permits are available as annual / bi annual permits. 
The availability of this permit type is at the total discretion of the University.
FC VU Fitness centre users FC Permit zones   
Parking Meters All  Available for daily use in designated metered parking zones. Payment can be made via coins at meter or by the EasyPark App.
RES  All University vehicles covered under VU’s Motor Vehicle Policy.
Senior staff of the University with a senior leadership position classification range of 3 and above as determined by People and Culture.
External members of the University Council and Committees of Council.
Allocated RES parking bay on holder’s home campus.
Staff only parking areas (E-Permit zones) and meter parking zones.
Visiting RES permit holders may park in designated E-Permit zones at member’s non-home campus.
VU City Tower - allocation managed by Office of Vice-Chancellor and reserved for the sole use of VU’s Senior Executive and authorised guests.
Non-transferable unless official acting arrangements in place for the role of the RES permit holder.
Issued upon request and free of charge to external members of Council and Committees of Council via the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.
Event Parking Authorised event staff Based on availability and allocated by the VU Parking Office. Request must be made to the VU Parking Office ( a minimum of 7 days prior to the event. 
Fees to book car spaces will be charged to the department requesting the car spaces.
Refer to VU Event Parking Requirements.
Trade and Projects Car Parking Authorised trade/ project personnel Based on availability and allocated by the VU Parking Office. Request must be made to the VU Parking Office ( a minimum of 28 days prior to the works commencing. 
Requests must include all equipment that require to be placed in car parking bays.
Refer to VU Trade and Projects Parking Requirements.