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Naming of Buildings and Features Procedure

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Section 1 - Summary

(1) This Procedure outlines the process undertaken for the naming of buildings, parts of buildings and other physical features at Victoria University (VU) campuses and premises and to any proposals to name buildings and features as a consequence of a donation, or to honour an individual or family.

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Section 2 - TEQSA/ASQA/ESOS Alignment

(2) Nil.

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Section 3 - Scope

(3) This Procedure relates to the naming of all buildings. It does not extend to the naming of professional positions, collections, schools, faculties, lecture series, etc.

(4) This Procedure is important to:

  1. Staff;
  2. Students;
  3. Visitors; and,
  4. Contractors.
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Section 4 - Definitions

(5) Benefactor: Individual or individuals (living or deceased) or organisation pertaining to naming of a building.

(6) Buildings: Any permanent structure erected on VU campus or site.

(7) Common Name: Administrative or generic name given to a building, facility or feature.

(8) Facilities: Any gymnasium, lecture theatre, playing field, room, recreational space etc.

(9) Features: Any courtyard, garden, walkway, external space or fixed asset such as a bench or sign post etc.

(10) Honorary Name: Naming of a building, facility or feature in honour of an individual, individuals or a family in recognitiion of either distinguished service or substantial financial support.

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Section 5 - Policy/Regulation

(11) Naming of Buildings and Features Policy

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Section 6 - Procedures

Part A - Summary of Roles and Responsibilities


Responsibilities – Common Names

Responsibilities – Honorary Names
Chief Digital Officer and Executive Director Campus Services Develop recommendation and consult. Provide input (if any) during consultation.
Executive Director, Engagement and Advancement - Coordinate nominations and consult.
Refer nomination to the Vice-Chancellor.
Vice-Chancellor On Vice-Chancellor's Group (VCG) recommendation, approve or otherwise. Make recommendation to IPC.
Make recommendation to Council relating to termination or withdrawal.
Infrastructure Planning Committee (IPC)  - Make recommendation to Council.
Council - Ultimate decision maker – acceptance of recommendation or otherwise.
On the recommendation of Vice-Chancellor, make recommendation on:
• Termination if no unanimity among the family.
• Withdrawal of naming rights relating to reputational matters.

Part B - Procedures

Common Names

(12) In general, it is expected that all recommendations relating to the common names of buildings and features will be developed by Facilities, in consultation with appropriate stakeholders including Branding.

(13) Recommendations relating to common names will be presented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Enterprise and Digital or nominated delegate to the Vice-Chancellor's Group for consideration. 

(14) The Vice-Chancellor's Group will consider the recommendations and will advise the Vice-Chancellor of its endorsement, or otherwise, of the recommendation.

(15) After receiving advice from the Vice-Chancellor's Group, the Vice-Chancellor may approve common names.

(16) Common names may be replaced at any time via the processes outlined in this Procedure.

Honorary Names

(17) All nominations must be considered in alignment with VU’s values, ethics and strategic plan.

(18) Any recommendations to name a building or physical feature in honour or recognition of an individual, family or company must be approved by University Council, having first been endorsed by the Infrastructure Planning Committee (IPC).

(19) Nominations must be made through the Executive Director Engagement and Advancement.

(20) Engagement and Advancement will consider all nominations and consult with the following:

  1. All relevant organisational units within VU; 
    1. Facilities;
    2. Brand and Marketing; and, 
  2. The relevant relationship manager.

(21) Every effort should be made to ensure that the nomination remains confidential.

(22) In most cases, the nominee for recognition for distinguished service to the University should not be informed of the nomination until it has formally been approved. Where the nomination is the result of a significant gift it is likely that discussions with the donor or sponsor will be necessary. In such circumstances, it should always be made clear that the final decision regarding naming rests with the University Council.

(23) Where contact is necessary for other reasons (for instance where the requested information is available only from the person concerned), the person proposing the nomination should use discretion appropriate to the circumstances.

(24) Once the nomination has been considered, the nomination should be referred to the Vice-Chancellor for presentation to the Infrastructure Planning Committee for assessment.

(25) The Infrastructure Planning Committee will make a confidential recommendation to the University Council regarding approval of the nomination. The recommendation to the University Council must be accompanied by comprehensive and detailed information in support of the recommendation.

(26) Upon acceptance of the recommendation by University Council, the decision shall be confidential and provisional pending contact by the Vice-Chancellor or nominee to confirm acceptance of the naming honour.

(27) Subsequent to acceptance from the potential recipient, the Vice-Chancellor shall confirm, in writing, those to be honoured, or in the case that the person to be honoured is deceased, the family or representative of the person.