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  • University Council - Conduct of Council Business and Standing Orders ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the conduct requirements of Council and Council Committees not contained with the University Council Regulations 2021.
  • University Council - Honorary Awards ProcedureThe main changes in the procedure are:
    Broadening the honorary doctorate categories to enable the conferral of a doctorate in a discipline which is offered by the University;
    Outlining the nominations and approvals process for the various honorary awards;
    Contemporising the language and ensuring reflective of diversity and inclusivity; and,
    Providing greater clarity around criteria for the various honorary awards.
  • University Council - Remuneration and Reimbursement of Council Members ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the requirements for the annual remuneration to Council and Council Committee members and the reimbursement of any expenses incurred.
  • University Council Regulations 2021The purpose of this Regulation is to set out provisions for:
    a. the broad roles and expected attributes of the University Council and Council Members, Office Bearers, and senior staff of the University;
    b. the appointment, removal and performance of Council Members, Office Bearers and senior staff of the University;
    c. the induction, development and review of the University Council and Council Members;
    d. the Council’s establishment of Committees and the conduct of meetings; and
    e. the regulatory environment in which the University operates.