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  • Fee Adjustments ProcedureThis Procedure details processes involved in the refunding, waiving or payment time extensions on all or part of any fees and charges of students under specific circumstances, as identified in the Fees and Charges Regulations 2013.
  • Fee Setting ProcedureThis version consolidates the Fee Determination Procedure - Tuition and Fee Determination Procedure - Non-Tuition into one document, and streamlines procedures in relation to Fee Setting.
  • Fees and Charges Regulations 2013The purpose of this Regulations provides the basis for the University to levy fees and charges.
  • Fees PolicyThis Fees Policy has been updated following a review, and ensure Policy is principle based, and procedural content moved to one of two Procedures - Fee Adjustments or Fee Setting Procedure. Delegations have been changed in regards to the approval of fees, and Policy updated to reflect current practices.

  • Financial Code of Conduct - Bank Accounts ProcedureThe Procedure has been updated to the new Procedure template, and position titles updated.
  • Financial Code of Conduct - Commercial Debtors ProcedureThe purpose of this procedure is to establish a framework that will:
    a. Maximise the collection of monies from the sale of goods and/or services on credit.
    b. Communicate clearly and concisely to all organisational units, matters which are related to the maintenance of
    credit control.
    c. Provide courteous, efficient and effective services to our debtors.
    d. Maximise the University's cash flow.

    The procedure applies to all cases where the University provides goods and services to debtors on credit.
  • Financial Code of Conduct - Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) ProceduresThis Procedure provides guidelines to all staff and assists in minimising the risk of non-compliance with the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) legislation and outlines Procedures designed to administer and account for FBT within Victoria University.
  • Financial Code of Conduct - GST (Goods and Services Tax) ProcedureThe purpose of this Procedure is to ensure the University complies with its obligations arising from A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 and all associated with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) rulings, guidelines and reporting obligations.
  • Financial Code of Conduct - Independent Contractor ProcedureThe Independent Contractors Procedure has been reviewed and updated to streamline the engagement of individual workers who are not employees of the University, including independent contractors, guest lecturers, teachers, tutors, editors, curriculum developers, research assistants suppliers and others. The Procedure outlines the process to clearly distinguish between circumstances where it is appropriate and allowable to engage an Independent Contractor to perform a task rather than an employee to perform a task to ensure that the University meets its taxation and superannuation obligation.
  • Financial Code of Conduct - Receipting and Banking of Monies ProcedureThe Procedure has been updated to clarify requirements in regards to engaging 3rd party vendors to accept payment cards on behalf of VU; the use and move of EFTPOS terminals, as well as updates to links and organisational structure where relevant.
  • Financial Code of Conduct - Related Parties Disclosure for Victoria University and its Subsidiaries ProcedureThe Procedure has been updated following a review, and has minor updates to the Declaration of Private Interests and Fitness for Senior Office Form, and removal of reference to Victoria University Foundation Ltd.
  • Financial Code of Conduct Policy This Policy sets the minimum financial standards of conduct to be followed by Victoria University employees, contractors, associates, students and Council members in their financial dealings on behalf of the University.
  • Financial Delegations ScheduleThis Schedule sits under the Delegations and Authorisations Policy, which is currently under review.
  • Fraud and Corruption Control PolicyThis version of the Policy and Procedure which provide for greater clarity in terms of defining prescribed behaviour, risk management and reporting.
  • Fraud and Corruption Control ProcedureThis version of the Policy and Procedure which provide for greater clarity in terms of defining prescribed behaviour, risk management and reporting.
  • Freedom of Expression PolicyThe purpose of this Policy is to confirm the commitment of Victoria University (VU) to lawful and respectful freedom of expression by staff, students and persons invited to speak at VU premises.