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  • Biosafety - Dealings Involving Genetically Modified Organisms ProcedureThis Procedure applies across the Victoria University -
    1. to all personnel handling or supervising work with Genetically Modified Organisms, or working in an Office for Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) certified containment laboratory;
    2. to protect the health and safety of people, animals and the environment, by identifying risks posed by, or as a result of, dealings with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) at VU; and
    3. to ensure all personnel's work is compliant with the relevant regulations, codes and standards at all times.
  • Biosafety - Dealings Involving Risk Group Agents ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the requirements, responsibilities and general guidelines relating to safe handling, containment, storage, transport and disposal of microorganisms, prions, biological toxins or samples that might reasonably contain hazardous biological agents, or be considered a biosecurity risk.
  • Biosafety - Import, Export, Transport and Packaging of Biological Material ProcedureThis Procedure is intended to provide guidelines to promote biosafety and prevent unintended spread of microorganisms and pest animals and plants.
  • Biosafety - Internal Certification of Containment Laboratories Procedure This Procedure ensures that the University is compliant with Australian Standards for containment laboratories.
  • Biosafety - Non-Compliance and Adverse Incidents ProcedureThis Procedure ensures appropriate investigation and management of any adverse and non-compliant incident in accordance with the relevant codes, regulations and standards governing Biosafety.
  • Biosafety - Packaging and Transport of Biological Materials ProcedureThis Procedure explains the requirements for packaging and transporting biological material considered to be a biological hazard. Transport of material can be internal within the University, or external, to other organisations or locations.
  • Biosafety PolicyThe Policy has been updated to ensure alignment with current Legislation in regards to Biosafety, Genetically Modified Organisms and TGA requirements.
  • Brand PolicyThis Policy aims to protect the Victoria University’s (VU) Brand and reputation, and to minimize risk from misuse of the Brand. By establishing this policy, VU ensures the University’s Brand is promoted in a positive, correct and consistent manner.
  • Brand ProcedureThis Procedure details the approval process for Staff and Third Parties in relation to use of the VU Brand.
  • Bullying Prevention and Management PolicyThe Policy changes clarify various definitions and better align and connect aspects of these policies with the rest of the VU policy suite.