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  • Biosafety - Dealings Involving Genetically Modified Organisms ProcedureThis Procedure applies across the Victoria University -
    1. to all personnel handling or supervising work with Genetically Modified Organisms, or working in an Office for Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) certified containment laboratory;
    2. to protect the health and safety of people, animals and the environment, by identifying risks posed by, or as a result of, dealings with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) at VU; and
    3. to ensure all personnel's work is compliant with the relevant regulations, codes and standards at all times.
  • Biosafety - Dealings Involving Risk Group Agents ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the requirements, responsibilities and general guidelines relating to safe handling, containment, storage, transport and disposal of microorganisms, prions, biological toxins or samples that might reasonably contain hazardous biological agents, or be considered a biosecurity risk.
  • Biosafety - Import, Export, Transport and Packaging of Biological Material ProcedureThis Procedure is intended to provide guidelines to promote biosafety and prevent unintended spread of microorganisms and pest animals and plants.
  • Biosafety - Internal Certification of Containment Laboratories ProcedureThis Procedure ensures that the University is compliant with Australian Standards for containment laboratories.
  • Biosafety - Non-Compliance and Adverse Incidents ProcedureThis Procedure ensures appropriate investigation and management of any adverse and non-compliant incident in accordance with the relevant codes, regulations and standards governing Biosafety.
  • Biosafety PolicyThis Policy provides a framework for the safety and security of all employees, contractors, volunteers and students when dealing with potentially hazardous biological material.
  • Breast and Bottle Feeding and Expressing on Campus PolicyThis Policy ensures -
    a. staff and students are assisted and supported, wherever possible, to successfully combine their family, work and study responsibilities in ways which are proactive, contribute to the staff development, career or educational progression of staff and students and support the University's operational requirements;
    b. the University is compliant with relevant anti-discrimination legislation and University policy by adopting a proactive approach to ensure that discrimination on the basis of sex, breastfeeding, marital status, parental or carer status does not occur;
    c. a healthy, safe and secure environment is maintained for staff/students who are breast or bottle feeding or expressing, for their children and for those who may come into contact with them; and
    d. staff and students are aware of their rights, responsibilities and obligations in regard to breast or bottle feeding and expressing on any University campus or other associated sites.
  • Bullying Prevention and Management PolicyThis Policy -
    1. ensures that Victoria University's (VU) commitment to creating a work and study environment that is, as far as possible, free from bullying;
    2. conveys clearly to all members of the University community that bullying will not be tolerated at VU;
    3. states VU's duty to proactively identify and address bullying behaviour; and
    4. sets out how VU will address incidents of alleged bullying.