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  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and Acknowledgment PolicyThis Policy provides the key principles which state VU's commitment to pursuing social justice and equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to the improvement of Indigenous Australian education and employment outcomes.
  • Academic Board Regulations 2017The purpose of these Regulations prescribes the composition and functioning of the Academic Board at Victoria University.
  • Academic Integrity GuidelinesThis Guideline aims to assist academic and teaching staff to prevent, detect and respond to breaches of academic integrity.
  • Academic Integrity PolicyThis Policy ensures -
    a. Victoria University takes a consistent approach to academic integrity;
    b. students and staff are aware of the importance of presenting authentic work that is their own and acknowledging the work of others; and
    c. a basis for detecting and addressing breaches of academic integrity is provided.
  • Academic Progress - Foundations Studies ProcedureThis Procedure provides a framework for the monitoring of course progress for students enrolled in non-award Foundations courses.
  • Academic Progress - Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Procedure (HE)This Procedure outlines the process by which Victoria University will monitor and manage academic progress for students enrolled in higher education coursework.
  • Academic Progress Regulations 2016The purpose of these Regulations provides for an academic progress review to determine whether a student has maintained satisfactory academic progress and to support the outcomes of such reviews.
  • Admissions - Course Admissions and Pre-Training Review Procedure (VET)This Procedure provides clear guidance to staff about the processes, documentation and communication in relation to: a. informing prospective students about courses and VET course admissions requirements; and b. the Pre-Training Review.
  • Admissions PolicyThis Policy provides a -
    a. clear set of principles to guide Victoria University in the admission of students to all courses of study; and
    b. statement of the relevant authorities and responsibilities.
  • Admissions ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the process of admission of domestic applicants to any course of study at Victoria University.
  • Animal Welfare Complaints ProcedureThis Procedure ensures appropriate investigation of and response to any complaints received about a VU AEC approved project or animal use and or welfare at Victoria University.
  • Animal Welfare Non-Compliant Events Procedure This Procedure ensures appropriate investigation and management of any non-compliant events in relation to the use of animals or animal tissue, in accordance with sections 5.9 and 5.10 of the current Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes.
  • Animal Welfare PolicyThis Policy provides a framework to:
    a. ensure the ethical, humane and responsible treatment of animals in all aspects of teaching, learning and research at Victoria University;
    b. ensure the ethical and responsible treatment of animal tissue in all aspects of teaching, learning and research at VU; and
    c. ensure the University's compliance with all relevant statutes, codes and guidelines.
  • Anti-Corruption and Fraud Prevention PolicyThis Policy -
    a. provides clear definitions of what behaviour is considered fraud and corrupt conduct and is therefore not acceptable;
    b. reinforces that fraud and corrupt conduct will not be tolerated; and
    c. encourages the ongoing development of a culture espousing the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • Anti-Corruption and Fraud Prevention ProcedureThis Procedure provides the core structural, operational and maintenance elements that make up the necessary infrastructure to underpin the University's efforts in fraud and corruption prevention, detection and investigation.
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviour - Staff-Authored Texts ProcedureThis Procedure sets out the University's expectations for the use of staff-authored texts and other resources that are provided on a commercial (for-profit) basis, and that are required and/or recommended as study materials for students.
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviour PolicyThis Policy promotes a professional, inclusive, safe and productive workplace at Victoria University.
  • Assessment for Learning - Adjustments to Assessment Procedure (HE)This Procedure covers the various forms of adjustments to assessment available to students.
  • Assessment for Learning - Assessment Procedure (VET)This Procedure outlines the requirements for the planning and conducting of assessment.
  • Assessment for Learning - Examination Administration ProcedureThis Procedure defines the administration of centrally administered and College administered onshore examinations.
  • Assessment for Learning - Management of Results and Grade Sets Procedure (HE)This Procedure provides -
    1. the accepted grade set in use at Victoria University (VU) for all Higher Education (HE) coursework units, including HE Non-Award units where performance is being assessed by the University;
    2. the process to be used in entering and managing student results, and defines responsibilities within this process; and
    3. the explains the use of Grade Point Average and Weighted Average marks at VU.
  • Assessment for Learning - Moderation and Validation Procedure (HE)This Procedure provides direction about the requirement for moderation and validation of assessment tasks.
  • Assessment for Learning - Resulting Procedure (VET)This Procedure outlines the requirements for the processing of unit assessment outcomes.
  • Assessment for Learning - Review of Individual Assessment Outcomes Procedure (HE)This Procedure provides direction on how students in higher education courses may seek a review of an assessment outcome.
  • Assessment for Learning - Standards for Assessment Procedure (HE)This Procedure provides minimum standards for assessment of student work in the higher education courses.
  • Assessment for Learning - Supplementary Assessment and Conceded Pass Procedure (HE)This Procedure governs the University's use of supplementary assessment and conceded passes.
  • Assessment for Learning PolicyThis Policy ensures that student coursework assessment -
    1. is aligned with the vision, mission, values and behaviours expressed in the University's Strategic Plan, the requirements of the VU Curriculum Blueprint; and with all requirements of the unit(s) of competency from National Training Package qualifications or other externally accredited VET courses;
    2. complies with relevant regulatory frameworks, including the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015, the Australian Qualifications Framework and the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (2015); and
    3. is congruent with all related university policies and procedures.
  • Awards Regulations - Academic Dress ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the provision of academic dress to graduands, graduates and staff.
  • Awards Regulations - Academic Transcripts ProcedureThis Procedure provides direction around the provision of academic transcripts for students of all Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training courses.
  • Awards Regulations - Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements ProcedureThis Procedure governs the format of and recipient eligibility for the Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS). AHEGS is provided by Victoria University to all graduates of a self-accredited Award course.
  • Awards Regulations - Awards and Testamurs ProcedureThis Procedure describes the process by which students who have successfully completed the requirements for an Award of Victoria University have their Award conferred by the issuance of a Testamur.
  • Awards Regulations - Certificate of Achievement or Participation ProcedureThis Procedure applies -
    1. to Victoria University to issue with a Certificate of Achievement, or Certificate of Participation, for Non-Award courses that are not based on accredited units;
    2. to the student with a record of attending the course and the date it was completed; and
    3. to individual Colleges who currently issue certificates.
  • Awards Regulations - Conferral of Aegrotat and Posthumous Awards ProcedureThis Procedure sets the process for the granting and conferral of Victoria University Aegrotat and Posthumous Awards.
  • Awards Regulations - Statement of Attainment ProcedureThis Procedure applies -
    1. to all TAFE students who have partially completed an award course or fully completed a non-award course in which units of competency have been successfully completed; and
    2. issuance of a Statement of Attainment recognises that a TAFE student does not always achieve a whole Award course; and
    3. to Students who may choose to complete accredited unit/s from an Award or Non-Award course or a nationally accredited short course.
  • Awards Regulations - Victoria University Extra Transcript ProcedureThis Procedure provides the criteria and processes for approving and issuing Victoria University extra transcripts to eligible students.
  • Awards Regulations 2018This Regulation provides the basis for the University to issue Awards, including aerogrotat and posthumous awards, and provides specifications as to the appropriate academic dress to be worn at graduation ceremonies. This intent of this update is to distinguish between honorary and non-honorary testamurs, and incorporate detail regarding the inclusion of RTO Codes in Testamurs.