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  • Payroll Services ProcedureThe purpose of this Procedure is to:
    a. outline the principles, processes and procedures University employees are required to observe in relation to payroll services.
    b. assist in ensuring that University employees are paid in a timely manner and in accordance with relevant awards, enterprise agreements, contracts of employment and various legislative requirements including the ATO.
  • Police Checks and Working with Children Checks for Students Policy and ProceduresThis Policy and Procedure outlines the limits of the University's responsibility vis a vis the police check and working with children check requirements;
    articulates the responsibility of the University to inform prospective and enrolled students of the requirement; and
    outlines the support the University provides students who require satisfactory police checks and/or working with children checks.
  • Privacy PolicyThis Policy provides Victoria University's (VU) approach to and expectations regarding privacy and covers the management of all information to all VU staff, students and agents and individuals with whom VU interacts.
  • Privacy ProcedureThis Procedure supports the Privacy Policy and provides Victoria University's (VU) approach to and expectations regarding privacy and covers the management of all information to all VU staff, students and agents and individuals with whom VU interacts.
  • Privacy Security Breach ProcedureThe purpose of this Procedure is to respond to a privacy security breach, when occurs, personal information held by Victoria University (VU), and to take appropriate steps in response to the breach of privacy security occurs contained by the University is lost or subjected to unauthorised access, modification, disclosure or other misuses. This Procedure supports the Privacy Policy.
  • Probation GuidelinesThis Guideline describes how to implement Victoria University's Probation Policy for new staff.
  • Probation Policy and ProcedureThis Policy and Procedure gives effect to the processes and procedures which are intended to support and develop new staff in their careers at Victoria University, (VU) by providing fair and equitable planning and review processes during the staff member's probationary period of employment. These processes should ensure new staff are appropriately equipped and supported to meet the performance expectations of the position they hold with VU.
  • Professional Development Policy and ProcedureThis Policy provides the framework for professional development for all staff across the University. Updates made to the Policy and Procedure ensure the Policy reflects the University’s diversity and inclusion requirements and compliance with WEGA requirements. In addition, study leave eligibility provisions are linked to current EBA provisions, with approvals taking into consideration operational needs of the area.
  • Public Complaints PolicyThis Policy provides for the fair and prompt handling of complaints by members of the public about any aspect of the University, its staff, students or operations.
  • Public Interest Disclosures PolicyThis Policy states Victoria University's commitment to meeting its obligations under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 (VIC) (the PID Act).
    Staff and students should note that the processes and obligations established by the PID Act are significantly different from those created by its predecessor legislation, the Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001.
    Any member of the University community considering making a disclosure should carefully read both this Policy and the accompanying Public Interest Disclosures Procedure.
  • Public Interest Disclosures ProcedureThis Procedure supports the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012.
    This Procedure is a resource for disclosers and potential disclosers, whether an internal member, employee or staff of Victoria University or an external member of the public. In addition, it covers how VU will protect other people connected to a public interest disclosure complaint from detrimental action being taken against them in reprisal for making a public interest disclosure.
  • Purchasing (Credit) Cards PolicyThe purpose of this Policy is to:
    a. Establish clear rules and conditions on the use, administration and management of Victoria University credit cards; and
    b. Establish a clear understanding of what credit cards must not be used for.
  • Purchasing (Credit) Cards Procedure This Procedure establishes:
    a. processes that support the University's policy on University credit cards;
    b. work directions that apply to the use, administration and management of University credit cards;
    c. clear business rules that ensure integrity and adequate control over the use of University credit cards.
  • Purchasing - Procurement Authorising Board ProcedureThis Procedure provides the terms of reference, structure, composition and operating instructions for the VU Procurement Authorising Board.
  • Purchasing PolicyThe purpose of this Policy is to establish a framework within which all purchases of goods and services will be made. Where existing contracts or arrangement do not meet the purchasing needs of the business unit or college, the Purchasing department can assist with the appropriate sourcing and contracting activity.
  • Purchasing ProcedureThe purpose of this Procedure is to outline the processes by which the University's purchasing should be done and support the effectiveness and efficiency of the centralised purchasing function. This procedure should be read in conjunction with the Purchasing Policy.