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  • Independent Contractor ProceduresThis Policy is under review and will be replaced with a new policy or procedure in the near future.
  • Information Security - Firewall Security GuidelinesThe purpose of the Guidelines is to define security standards designed to minimise the potential exposure of Victoria University to the loss of sensitive, confidential data, intellectual property, damage to public image etc., which may follow from unauthorised use of Victoria University resources for all equipment owned and/or operated by Victoria University.
  • Information Security - Internet Filtering ProcedureThe purpose of this Procedure is to:
    a. Ensure that all University use of the Internet is legal, and complies with Victoria University values and policies.
    b. Ensure staff and students have access to web sites and Internet services legitimately needed for their University work.
  • Information Security - IT Security Audit Authorities ProcedureThis Procedure outlines Information Technology (IT) staff having an authority to conduct a security audit on any system at Victoria University (VU).
  • Information Security - Security Access to Controlled IT Areas ProcedureThis Procedure specifies appropriate physical security measures to be used to protect computer systems, personnel, and data and communications systems located in secure locations. Access to such areas must be restricted to those who have an approved need to be there.
  • Information Security - User Access Management ProcedureThis Procedure defines the procedures in place for granting, modifying, removing and reviewing user access privileges to VU systems and applications in order to protect the privacy, security and confidentiality of University information assets and systems.
  • Information Security - Virus Protection Procedure and GuidelinesThis purpose of the Virus Protection Procedure and Guidelines is to ensure the effective and efficient prevention, containment or minimisation of damage to the organisation from computer viruses which sits under the IT Security Policy.
  • Information Security PolicyThis document defines Victoria University’s high level information security requirements based on the ISO 27001:2013 standard, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and other industry best practices, enabling the University to minimize information security risk and efficiently respond to incidents.
  • Intellectual Property Regulations 2013The objective of this Regulations is to make further provision about intellectual property, in accordance with the Governance, Academic and Student Affairs Statute 2013.
  • International Student Transfer PolicyThis Policy outlines the principles by which Victoria University (VU) assesses requests from overseas students wishing to transfer to or from a VU course, prior to students completing six (6) months of their principal course of study.
  • International Student Transfer ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the process by which the University assesses requests from overseas students wishing to transfer to or from a Victoria University course, prior to students completing six (6) months of their principal course of study.
  • Investment PolicyThis Policy establishes a framework within which the funds are available for investment to the Victoria University, (VU) and investing, monitoring and evaluating of VU’s investment funds.
  • Investment ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the process of monitoring and evaluating Victoria University’s (VU) investment funds and should be read in conjunction with the Investment Policy.
  • IT Appropriate Use - Email GuidelinesThe purpose of this Guideline is to provide advice on the proper use of the University's email system and to inform users of the University's required standard for email use.
  • IT Appropriate Use - Internal Mailing Lists ProcedureThis Procedure outlines using internal mailing lists as an effective way of sending bulk email communications to Victoria University staff and/or students and supports the IT Appropriate Use Policy.
  • IT Appropriate Use - Mobile Phone Usage Reimbursement ProcedureThis Procedure ensures the of IT Appropriate Use policy and defines the process for the reimbursement of costs and charges as a result of excessive personal use of Victoria University issued mobile phones and devices.
  • IT Appropriate Use PolicyThis Policy disestablishes three procedures - Appropriate Use of ICT Policy and Procedure; Internal Bulk Email Policy and Procedures and Use of Email (Staff and Students) Policy and Procedures.
  • IT Hardware and Software - Cloud and Managed Services ProcedureThis Procedure provides an assessment and approval framework (a risk-based approach to the use of cloud computing to ensure a suitable transition made to the cloud or a managed service provider) for Cloud Computing solutions and services and supports the IT Hardware and Software Policy.
  • IT Hardware and Software - Cloud Personal Storage GuidelinesThis Guideline provides information on the use of cloud storage services by individuals at Victoria University (VU) and supports the IT Hardware and Software Policy.
  • IT Hardware and Software - Disposal and Cleansing of VU IT Equipment ProcedureThis Procedure ensures that all Victoria University-related information is adequately removed from IT equipment (includes equipment being sold internally or externally, re-allocated to other departments within the University, trade-in to a vendor or supplier, return on end of lease, loan to any entity, donation or physical destruction of equipment (including collection by rubbish removalists) prior to disposal.
  • IT Hardware and Software - IT Hardware and Software ProcedureThe purpose of this Procedure is to:
    a. Provide a framework for the acquisition and support of all desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, tablets and slates, operating systems, email system and software suites.
    b. Promote the use of standard software and hardware to ensure the University leverages assets effectively; and, ensure business operations are supported.
    c. Inform staff and students of software usage and licensing obligations.
    d. Provide the principles that govern the management of University Business and Research Applications.
    e. Provide guidance to Colleges and business units for the management of leased IT equipment.
    f. Ensure the correct disposal and data cleansing of Victoria University desktop computers, laptops and other IT equipment
  • IT Hardware and Software - Procurement of Hardware and Software ProcedureThis Procedure has been updated following a review of the IT Hardware and Software suite. The Suite has been streamlined to ensure content is simplified; relevant to each Procedure, as well as updates to Department names and position titles.
  • IT Hardware and Software - Software Application ProcedureThe purpose of this Procedure is to outline the principles that govern the management of University Business and Research Software Applications:
    a. To select Software applications, manage and utilise in a manner that achieves the objectives of the University.
    b. To remove unnecessary propagation and duplication of multiple systems performing similar functions.
  • IT Hardware and Software PolicyThis Policy outlines the principles of Victoria University’s provision and support of hardware and software to staff and students.