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  • Elections Regulations 2016The objective of this Regulations is to make provision for elections conducted by or on behalf of the University in accordance with the Governance, Academic and Student Affairs Statute 2013.
  • Employee Wellbeing - Domestic or Family Violence Leave ProcedureThis Procedure provides support to staff that experience domestic or family violence and to provide the appropriate process to support staff.
  • Employee Wellbeing - Flexible Work Arrangements ProcedureThis Procedure describes the circumstances in which an employee may apply for a flexible work arrangement, and the kinds of arrangements the University may provide.
    It replaces the previous Flexible Working Arrangements Policy and all its Procedures.
  • Employee Wellbeing - Interim Hybrid Working Arrangement ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the specific terms and conditions for a Hybrid Working Arrangement (HWA), including how to apply, implement and monitor the HWA.
  • Employee Wellbeing - Pregnancy, Breast and Bottle Feeding and Children on Campus ProcedureThis Procedure outlines Victoria University's support for parents and carers during pregnancy, infant feeding, and with the care of children on campus.
    It replaces five documents: Breast and Bottle Feeding and Expressing on Campus Policy; Children on Campus Policy; Children on Campus Procedure; Pregnancy in Work and Study Policy; Pregnancy in Work and Study Procedure.
  • Employee Wellbeing PolicyThis Policy affirms Victoria University's commitment to the wellbeing of all its employees, and the positive measures that the University will take to support employees in all aspects of their lives. The Employee Wellbeing Policy Suite has been developed as part of People and Culture's ongoing policy redevelopment program. It represents a consolidation of 13 existing policy / procedure items, as well as introducing new content around the University's commitment to positive wellbeing initiatives for employees.
  • Enrolments - Attendance (International Foundations) ProcedureThis version of the Procedure has updates to provide clarification of how attendance is calculated (ie by study period rather than by unit) and align the procedure fully with the purpose of the regulatory requirements.
  • Enrolments - ELICOS Monitoring Attendance ProcedureThis Procedure monitors attendance for international students studying an ELICOS program.
  • Enrolments - Maximum Course Duration (HE) ProcedureThis Procedure outlines the maximum periods of study duration for Higher Education (HE) courses.
  • Enrolments - VET Unique Student Identifier (USI) Management ProcedureThis Procedure provides guidance to Student Services Staff on the collection, storage and reporting of Unique Student Identifier (USI) data.
  • Enrolments Policy This Policy is designed to ensure Victoria University's (VU) practices in relation to enrolment are fair and consistent, comply with all relevant Government requirements and support the delivery of an excellent student experience at VU.
  • Enrolments ProcedureThe Procedure has been updated to reflect key changes to new withdrawal arrangements for non-engaged students and the introduction of the Unique Student Identifier (USI) for HE students.
  • Environment PolicyThis Policy demonstrates Victoria University's commitment to environmental responsibility and provides an impetus for achieving best practice in accordance with environmental legislation and principles. This policy will support action plans, procedures, environmental objectives and reporting, and will ensure environmental responsibility is integrated into all aspects of University activities.
  • Exclusion for Safety Reasons ProcedureThis Procedure supports and operationalises the Exclusion for Safety Reasons Regulations 2019.
  • Exclusion for Safety Reasons Regulations 2019These Regulations provide provision for refusal to enrol a student and/or suspension or exclusion of a student for health or safety grounds.